This Is the First Time Lululemon Is Selling This Athletic Product EVER

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Lululemon has been around since 1998, and over the past nearly 20 years the brand has expanded their line from a few pairs of yoga pants (what’s up, Groove Pants!) to an extensive collection of sports bras, swimwear, yoga outfits, running gear, dancewear, and even fitness accessories like headbands, water bottles, yoga mats, and yoga towels.
Although the store seems to have everything you could possibly need for your sweat sesh, lululemon was missing one key component of a perfect workout outfit—sneakers. Well, one-stop shoppers, it’s time to rejoice: Lululemon announced that it will officially begin carrying the fashionable Athletic Propulsion Lab (APL) sneakers in select stores.

According to the brand’s Instagram, “At lululemon, we’re dedicated to delivering the most innovative, quality, and functional items for our guests. And we are now offering a shoe option to complete your outfit.” Shoes are available at the Santa Monica and Melrose Avenue locations in LA, as well as select stores in NYC.
If you’re still rocking a pair of old school Asics, it might be time to level up to a pair of APL sneaks. The brand is infamous for creating the first pair of shoes to ever to be banned in the NBA’s 64-year history for performance reasons for “providing an undue competitive advantage,” in 2010. Since their splashy launch, APL’s shoes have become favorites of fashion-forward athletes everywhere. Every shoe has a woven upper—which looks similar to Nike’s Flyknit technology—and a low, sleek profile.
APL’s shoes are perfect for cross-training, so they’ll work for your Barry’s Bootcamp class, HIIT workout, and marathon training run … just like your lululemon attire. We expect that if the collaboration goes well, lululemon stores across the country will start carrying the high-fashion shoes on their shelves. Until then, you’ll have to hit up lululemon’s website to see where they’re carried, or just head to APL’s site to order a pair in your favorite color!

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