Men's grooming 101: 5 must-have products

Listen up, guys: with an abundance of men’s grooming products on the market there is officially no excuse to be using a blunt razor or borrowing our facial moisturiser. To help get you started, we’ve rounded up 5 stylish but practical items that should be in your bathroom cabinet.

5 must-have grooming products

men's grooming

For thinning hair

According to recent reports, a whopping 50 per cent of men will experience some degree of male pattern baldness by the time they’re fifty – yikes! And, for many, it’ll start far earlier than that. While the truth of the matter is that nothing is going to give you a head of thick, lustrous hair overnight (yet), we may have found something that will help. Mr. Smith Stimulating Shampoo and Conditioner promises to invigorate and awaken hair follicles and helps encourage new growth. How so, you wonder? Avocado and peppermint oil nourish the scalp and increase circulation, while shea butter and green tea extract replenish and strengthen the hair with nutrients.

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men's grooming

For a clean shave

Is your skin rough, bumpy, and red after a shave? Avoid using foaming shaving creams, especially if you are prone to sensitivity and ingrown hairs, and switch to a more nourishing lubricant. We love this rich evo shaving cream, which softens hairs so the razor glides smoothly across the skin without dragging or nicking. Razor rash be damned!

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men's grooming

For unruly hair

This pliable, mouldable pomade will help keep flowing locks in place all day and night. Expect the perfect amount of shine minus the greasiness, as well as a rich, spicy, refreshing scent of kunzea, citrus and certified organic essential oils of spearmint, vetiver, and lavender.

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men's grooming

For healthy skin

Specially formulated for men’s skincare needs, this 5-piece pack is a must-have for good reason. Each fragrance-free formula is designed to not only nourish aged skin, reduce redness, unclog pores, but also dissolve blackheads. Hello clearer, younger-looking skin!

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men's grooming

For manscaping

If you dare to go bare and want to avoid a trip to the emergency room, you’ll need Gillette’s brand-spanking new BODY razor. This razor is specifically designed for body, because the tools you use to get rid of hair on your face aren’t necessarily meant to handle other parts of your body. With a rounded, pivoting head, three lubricating strips, three floating blades and a non-slip grip, it will make grooming your crown jewels easier than ever.

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