Meet Y7's Most-Requested Instructor (His Playlists Will Change Your Life)

True Blake of Y7 dishes on what inspires him (and his guilty pleasure).

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True is just a nickname, but it suits Blake Jung, Y7’s West Coast badass instructor. We’re obsessed with the classes at Y7 in West Hollywood because they’re so unlike anything else in LA—dimly lit, sweaty as hell, and so intense. Plus, the beats are sick. Especially in True’s class.

The dude totally completely encompasses Y7’s motto, #WEFLOWHARD; you can pretty much count on having a breakthrough (either mental or physical) when you step on the mat for True’s class. We caught up with one of our favorite yogis to learn what makes him tick, and what he loves about living and teaching in LA.


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Born: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Lives: Mid-city, LA
Known for: Yoga (and his killer personality, obvi) 
Personal motto: Be true.
Success is: Making a goal, sticking to it until it comes true. For me, it was to have freedom in my days and not work a 9-to-5 job.
The advice I’d give my 20-year-old self: Do exactly what you did, and travel the world! 
People are surprised that I: Spent four years living out of a backpack and trekked up to Everest base camp.
I’m inspired by: The ocean. It makes me feel at peace no matter what. I am also inspired by first-time yogis stepping into a class and overcoming their fear.
The biggest risk I’ve taken (that’s paid off) is: Leaving my 9-to-5 and choosing to teach yoga full time.
From my mistakes, I have learnt: Life is full of ups and downs enjoy the ride!
My most used emojis are:🙏🏼 😬 🌴


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Wake up time: 5:55

Morning ritual: Check my email, post on Instagram, eat, and go teach.

Desk lunch: I make my own food at home. Love cooking!

Last thing I do at night: Kiss my partner goodnight and repeat my gratitude prayer.

Guilty pleasure: Ice cream

3 things vital to my day: Laughing, working out or yoga, and a 20-minute nap.

Cafe: Beaming!

Juice: beaming!

Coffee: Beaming!

Studio: Y7 (naturally!), Soul Cycle, Lock Box LA 


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Sports top: Y7 gear
Sports shorts: Lululemon 
Shoes: Rainbow sandals
Sunglasses: Oakley
Watch: Some retro, old, no-name brand.
Store: Lululemon 
New season must have: iPhone 7


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App: Instagram

Binge watch: Difficult People

Instagram stalk: @gays_with_kids—I want to be a dad more than anything!

Album love: Drake, Kanye, Rhianna (so Y7—we love it) 



Instagram: @trueblake

Facebook: trueblake

Snap: trueblake

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