Meet The Girls Behind Accessory Label, We Eat Avocado Toast (WEAT)

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Although We Eat Avocado Toast (WEAT) may not sound like the most obvious name for an accessory label, founders Nina and Lara wanted something catchy, memorable and relevant to their target audience to ensure whatever they chose really stuck. “We had a brainstorming afternoon and wrote down literally everything that popped into our mind, and what could be more symbolic for our generation of go-getting, game-changing, travel-loving fashionistas than avocado toast?”.
How right they are! Not only do they work together—they live together, travel together and do everything else together, too. Read on as we get to know the two besties from Germany who dreamt up the delightfully playful handbag and accessory label.

Can you each tell us a little bit about yourselves?

Nina: After I finished my studies in fashion design in Berlin I moved to Hong Kong for a job at a textile company. In these two years of working experience, I learned a lot and had the chance to get insights and make contacts to the supply chain and production in Asia. I felt more prepared and confident to start something on our own and convinced Lara to start our business in Hong Kong together. While Lara is the more reasonable person and thinks through business ideas, I can be very enthusiastic and spontaneous. We complement each other perfectly and are the best team together.
Lara: I studied business and worked in several industries and areas before joining Nina in Hong Kong to start WEAT. I always found the fashion industry fascinating—not for it’s glamorous appearance but for its speed and continuous reinvention, and I’m more than happy that my bestie and I are now in it together. As Nina said, we are complementary from our mindset and the way we approach things. This helps us find the right balance in decision making which is essential for our business. Sometimes people wonder how we can do it: working together, living together, spending our free-time together and even going on holidays together. Actually we don’t know either but it works and we are just happy to go through all in life together and not alone.  

Image: We Eat Avocado Toast

How did the WEAT story begin?

We realised a big gap in the accessories market and with WEAT, we wanted to introduce a new generation of handbags which should not only be stylish but also practical and of high quality. While there were the luxury brands with matching price tags at the one end, and a higher street offering with lower quality at the other, there was nothing in the middle for young women like us.  

From where do draw inspiration for your designs?

Inspiration can be seriously found everywhere in shops, magazines, the streets. That’s maybe why we also change our minds so often. Probably for us not a lack of ideas is the problem but to decide on which one to focus.

Who are some fashion designers in the industry you look up to and why?

This would definitely be Maria Grazia Chiuri—Dior’s creative director. Not only do we love how she uses her power to empower women and bring attention to the disadvantages women still have to face in modern society, but we also admire her creativity (J’adior—how simple but brilliant is it?) and hands-on mentality.  

What sets you apart from other accessory labels?

This would definitely be our first bag model TOAST, a petite, multifunctional bag that makes effortless transitions between clutch, cross-body bag, belt bag and clip-on mini for a stylish take on ‘bag-on-bag’. This is the new functional with a carefree, fashion-forward edge. The secret to TOAST’s utilitarian ways lies in the unique triangle clip. This ingenious addition makes the TOAST supremely comfortable to wear, meaning you can dance to your heart’s content, shop hands free and sprint through the airport terminal in style—all without feeling any movement or uncomfortable pulling that can come with a standard cross-body bag.

Any fashion trends you’re loving in Europe right now?

Regarding bag trends for sure nothing was as popular and omnipresent as fanny packs lately. But the fanny packs of most big brands have a rather sporty design and can only be worn in one way. We wanted to develop this trend further with our first bag model, TOAST, which can be worn in several ways. It’s up to the customers mood if she wants to wear her TOAST as a fanny pack, cross-body or clutch.

How would each of you describe your own personal style?

Lara: Fashion and styling is about fun and totally depends on our mood. In general, Nina is the one who is more resourceful with her outfits. She likes to try everything and dresses more fancy, whereas I’m a bit more classy and restrained towards typical modern stuff. She proved me wrong about some things already, like, I remember when she first got cut-out boots almost 10 years ago and I was like, “why would someone wear shoes like this?”, and now they are still super hip.

Image: We Eat Avocado Toast

All-time favourite styling tip?

As boring as it may sound; black dress, matching boots and a high bun always does the job.

Favourite holiday destination and next on your bucket list?

We love our Euro summers. Doesn’t really matter where—although usually we tend to go to islands in the south to Italy (including Sardegna), Spain (Ibiza and Formentera) or Greece (Mykonos and Santorini). It’s just lovely. Food is amazing, sunsets at 10pm, great beaches, cute cities, fun nightlife and perfect weather. On our bucket list is something completely different tho’: We want to go horseback riding in Mongolia.

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