11 Cute PopSockets To Keep Your Phone Safe And Stylish

Oh, and for next-level selfies.

Rarely a day goes by that I don’t drop my phone at least once. Luckily for me, I keep it in a bulky phone wallet, which offers some protection and stops it from smashing. That said, I’m not always so lucky (RIP iPhone that smashed within 2 days of me getting it!). So, when I heard about the concept of PopSockets (which are trending right now), I immediately thought ‘Um, where have you been my whole life?’.
These little gadgets are expanding grips that attach to your smartphone, which help you hold onto it (perfect for butterfingers like me!). It can also help break the fall if you happen to drop it the right way and can be used as a stabiliser when you’re taking photos and a phone or tablet stand.

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Yep, they’re genius! And the best part is, they come in all different colours and patterns, so you can use them as a way to accessorise your tech devices. Keep scrolling for 11 of the cutest PopSockets we’ve come across.

1. Metallic Diamond PopSocket in Rose Gold

Because we won’t stop until we have rose gold errythang. Shop it here.

2. The Skin Dudes Beach Trip Skin Kit


This PopSocket skin is giving us serious vintage vibes and we’re into it. Shop it here.

3. PopSocket Phone Mount in ‘The Bomb’

That pastel colour combination is giving us life right now. Shop it here.

4. Opal PopSocket Skin

Add some luxe to your phone set-up with this gorgeous opal sticker. Shop it here.

5. Wood PopSocket

We ‘wood’ happily carry this stylish PopSocket around on our phones all day. Shop it here.

6. Blue Marble PopSocket Skin

Let’s be honest—we’re obsessed with anything marble and this skin is no exception. Shop it here.

7. Turquoise Chipped Paint On Wood Skin Kit


This PopSocket skin combines two of our fave trends of the moment, turquoise and the rustic aesthetic. Shop it here.

8. Pink Avocadoes PopSocket Skin

Speaking of combining two of our favourite things…pink and avo! 😍 Shop it here.

9. Mint Peace Mandala Phone Stand

Add some zen vibes to your daily life with this gorgeous mandala print. Shop it here.

10. It’s Pretty Phone Stand

The name says it all—florals are pretty and they never go out of style. Shop it here.

11. Bubblegum Giraffe PopSocket Skin


It’s a giraffe blowing a bubble—need we say more? Shop it here.

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