Meet The Duo Behind Modern Cannabis Platform, Miss Grass

On a mission to normalise cannabis for the wellness-loving female.

miss grass cannabis

Dubbed the GOOP of Cannabis, Miss Grass is a modern marijuana brand that currently exists as a curated marketplace and online magazine. With a tagline that reads “Welcome to the high road,” their primary objective is simply this: To normalise the use of cannabis and educate consumers on the many health and wellness benefits that can come with it, whilst simultaneously putting an end to the ‘stoner’ stereotype.
What may be a foreign concept for those of us in Australia, the state of California is a special case in that its progressive when it comes to the acceptance and use of cannabis for both recreational and medicinal purposes (it was the first US state to legalise medicinal marijuana use back in 1996).
As ‘conscious’ cannabis consumers themselves, founders of Miss Grass, Anna Duckworth and Kate Miller envisioned a digital platform where the modern female would feel welcome to learn and talk openly about cannabis in a community of like-minded women.
With this, Miss Grass officially launched in January 2018, coinciding with the legalisation of recreational marijuana in California. 

miss grass cannabis
Image: @missgrass

Why cannabis? The backstory…

When co-founder, Kate, first dreamt of her startup idea, she was studying at USC and working part-time at a medicinal marijuana dispensary. She even bought the Miss Grass URL ten years ago and continued working in the entertainment industry for a decade before deciding it was time for a career change.
Kate felt as though there was nothing that “spoke” to her and her girlfriends nor reflected how she and many other women were using cannabis (mainly as a way of soothing psoriasis and easing stress) and went on to pursue her longstanding business idea.
Anna, on the other hand, came from a different place where her experience with cannabis had been quite fickle. Through both good and bad experiences in an unregulated, illegal market, Anna tells Amodrn that in her early 20s, she wasn’t into the drinking culture which was what lead her to seek a more alternative path. 
Three years ago, Anna moved to LA from her home in Toronto, Canada where she worked as head of content at cannabis wellness brand, Dosist, and it was in California that sheadmittedly“got good at weed.” She found herself exposed to what she was looking for, and was excited about the ritualistic and spiritualistic element that came with recreational cannabis use. With an aligned vision, both Anna and Kate discovered a foray into opportunity.

miss grass cannabis
Image: @papaandbarkley via @missgrass

The ‘conscious’ cannabis consumer

Speaking to a ‘psychographic’ rather than demographic, Anna makes the point that because recreational cannabis was kept under wraps for so long, people are now entering the space regardless of their background, age or socioeconomic status. Instead, they are coming from all walks of lifeall seeking the same information.
“Consumers know about it, yet a lot of people are still not participating or just starting out,” Anna tells Amodrn. “CBD is certainly a buzz word, yet not everyone is on the train.” In terms of their target market, women account for 44% of the market share, and this figure is rising 30% year on year.
“CBD is only one of hundreds of cannabinoids found in the plant,” says Anna. “THC is the original, the most well-knownbut associated with getting you high.”
“There are a lot of ways of using cannabis, and many don’t even get you high,” she adds. “I consume cannabis in some form or another every single day.”

miss grass cannabis
Image: @johannalundqvist_ via @missgrass

CBD for self-care

Anna explains that in the morning, her skincare routine consists of using a CBD-based face oil, lip balm and eye cream. In her breakfast smoothies, she’ll include a dash of CBD and coconut oil. Daily, she’ll use a tincture, which involves dispensing a drop of CBD oil under the tongue to promote a calm sense of wellbeing. Of a night time, she’ll switch over to the more traditional method, opting for a joint before bed.
What Anna is looking forward to most about the industry is the repositioning of cannabinoids and the powerful benefits they possess. This includes shifting people’s mindset and educating how the plant can assist with “sleep, relaxation, anxiety, chronic pain, skin conditions, better sex,” and in Anna’s case, management of coeliac disease.
With the popularity of CBD popping up in everything from ingestible products to skincare courtesy of its anti-inflammatory and potent antioxidant properties, we asked Anna, what’s the next big thing in the world of weed?

miss grass cannabis
Image: @alison__wu via @missgrass

“CBN”, she responds. “This is the next compound we’re excited to see more research about. The difference is how they interact with the cannabinoid receptors in the body.”
If you’re in a state that it’s legal and you are able to access cannabis and hemp-derived products, first and foremost, Anna recommends educating yourself on the different options available out there.
Miss Grass operates a federally legal hemp-derived market place and prides itself of being a platform that’s ethical, clean and safe—providing a carefully curated collection of products that are trusted, approved and ‘do what they’re supposed to do’ in alignment of Miss Grass’ own mission and vision.
Below, we asked Anna to share some of her all-time favourite products that you’ll find on the site:

Founder’s faves:

  • Quim Rock’s Happy Clam Oil

miss grass cannabis
“This is the eye cream for your vagina,” shares Anna. “It empowers you to spend time taking care of your fancy bits in a way that’s never done before. It’s moisturising, calm, and contains tea tree oil to help fight bacteria. Simply apply to labia for a decadent treat.”
Shop here.

  • BEBOE Calming CBD Vape

miss grass cannabis
“Great to take the edge off during a stressful workday.”
Shop here.

  • Dr Kerklaan Natural CBD Skin Cream

miss grass cannabis
“This is the stuff Kate swears by for her psoriasis.”
Shop here.

  • Foria CBD Lubricant

miss grass cannabis
“CBD lube that’s great for relaxing the pelvic floor and reducing inflammation.”
Shop here.

  • 2rise Naturals CBD + turmeric tincture

miss grass cannabis
“This is a daily tincture.”
Shop here.

  • Lord Jones CBD Gummies

miss grass cannabis
“These are a decadent little way to ingest CBD and we love putting them in a glass of champagne.”
Shop here.

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