5 Ethical and Eco-Conscious Activewear Brands You Need To Know About

Keep fit and save the environment!

As the saying goes, ‘it’s cool to be kind’ and when it comes to our environment and making an impact, it’s not only cool but it’s kind of a big deal. Every little step we can take towards reducing our carbon footprint and upping our kindness cred and eco-conscious behaviour will make a big difference for our future, and our children’s.
And that goes for consumerism too. While we may not be able to cut back on buying new threads if we need them, when we do, we can be more conscious of what we’re buying and if its supporting the environment.
In fact, since the ban of plastic bags in major Australian supermarkets, there has been a whopping 80 per cent drop in consumption of plastic bags nationwide (or 1.5 billion less), according to the National Retail Association (NRA).
So, if the federal election has left you a little disheartened and concerned for how our environment will get the support it needs, take steps towards making your own difference, by purchasing activewear that is pro-environment and ethical and sustainable.

To help, we’ve curated a round-up of the best new activewear threads and labels making strides towards a green, clean future.

1. Rush Collection by Under Armour

Image: Under Armour

Think renewable energy embedded into your activewear. Designed to work like an inbuilt infrared heater, the Rush collection designed by Under Armour infuses earth minerals into the fabric to help absorb the energy emitted by your body and then recirculate it back to your tissues and muscles to improve endurance and strength.

The said result? That you can train harder without risk of DOMS and long recovery time. And well, call it placebo or not, I can certainly vouch for this!
As a yoga instructor, I gave them a run for their money, wearing the RUSH crop pants and sports bra to a packed day of – two yoga classes, a barre class and Pilates class (yep all in one day!) and woke up with barely there soreness. #goals!
Not to mention, they are super stretchy which means no pose was off limits and as a one-off re-wearable purchase it will save you splashing out cash on a regular infrared which certainly gets the sustainable tick of approval!

2. Iceland Collection by Vyayama

eco friendly
Image: Vyayama

Glacial by nature, botanical by design. The Vyayama ‘Bali’ tights are made of Tencel (also known as lyocell) that’s an eco-friendly, renewable and botanical fibre that stems from sustainable forest products in South America.

Vyayama works with not for profit group Canopy to source material and the energy plant they use is also energy efficient meaning they work with recycled water and solvents too.

Outside of the eco-consciously sourced fabric they also use non-toxic hypoallergenic fibers as a natural alternative to synthetic material and have been awarded as eco-friendly and certified non-toxic.
Oh and let’s not forget the anti-bacterial properties! Definitely jump on these tights if you tend to gravitate to hot yoga, as the fabric will help hinder bacteria growth and that stinky post-sweat odour too!

3. Ava Leggings by Arcaa Movement

eco friendly
Image: Arcaa movement

Born in Byron Bay, Arcaa Movement is an eco-conscious brand that creates highly functional and feminine activewear, but more importantly produces clothing that is free of harmful chemicals, ethically produced and uses an eco nylon fabric called Econyl.
The Ava legging is made entirely of regenerated Econyl, a material that’s purely created from waste and involves re-working recycled plastics to create sustainable products. And did we mention it also is high waisted (for those leisurely post-brunch bloat mornings!) and allows aeration too, which makes them ideal for hot yoga and breathability.

4. Milky Way Collection by Team Timbuktu

eco friendly
Image: Team Timbuktu

Saving the oceans and land, one pair of tights and raincoat at a time, Team Timbuktu makes all their activewear using recycled plastics and even donates 20 per cent of profits to the people and planet.

In their words, ‘turning trash into treasure’ their crop tops and tights are made of 78 per cent recycled plastics and raincoats are made of 48 per cent recycled plastic and they have a strict sustainability focus making sure that everything down to the mailing bags are compostable and that the makers of their product are given healthy work environments.
Throw in sweat-wicking, ethically and sustainably made and free shipping and the Milky Way collection is an eco-conscious consumer’s dream. Or should we say… as dreamy as the milky way!

5. Keepsake from the Yoga Collection by Dharma Bums

eco friendly
Image: Dharma Bums

Beautifully engineered yoga wear that’s ethically made, Dharma Bums is a beloved Sydney based activewear brand that not only designs eye-catching printed tights, but works with a strict ethical code of conduct, called the BSCI accredited body who audit the manufacturing process with 11 strict code of ethics criterion. Some of the key BSCI principles include: no discrimination, decent working hours, no child labour, fair remuneration, ethical business behaviour, protection of environment etc so they definitely get the ethical, conscious tick of approval.
Aside from their dedication to ethically made products, the Keepsake tights are also climate friendly—made of breathable, moisture-wicking fabric (great for Sydney and LA sun) and even contain an SPF 30+ sun protection, hello sunshine!

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