Meet Hannah Bronfman: DJ, fitness guru, entrepreneur, and beauty aficionado

Hannah Bronfman dishes all about her career highlights, food and fitness philosophy, and secrets to finding balance.

Hannah Bronfman is a force to be reckoned with. She has turned this passion for wellness and food into a career by investing in NYC hot-spot Acme Restaurant and founding the brand HBFIT, a unique online destination for all things Health, Beauty + Fitness. Bronfman was also one of the co-founders of Beautified, an app that that books last-minute beauty and wellness appointments right on your smartphone. Oh and did we mentioned that she is a hit international DJ, setting the vibe at parties around the world?
We were lucky enough to catch up with the incredibly stylish, humble and hard-working woman herself to talk everything from career highlights to health and fitness secrets.

Meet Hannah Bronfman

How did the idea for Beautified come about?

Beautified was born out of necessity. I needed to find a last minute beauty appointment and it suddenly clicked that the beauty industry needed to be accessible by an on-demand platform.

What was the first step you took toward making this idea a reality?

I found co-founders who shared the same thirst for creating something revolutionary.

You’ve since founded HBFIT, can you tell us a bit about the site? What or who inspired you to launch HBFIT?

HBFIT started out as a hashtag that I used on social media to showcase my healthy lifestyle. It became something that my audience wanted more of, so I created a site dedicated to all things Health, Beauty and Fitness. I was constantly inspired by my community of driven women who want to live mindful and healthy lives.

What does an average workday look like?Hannah Bronfman

My workday changes all the time because I travel a lot for my DJ career, but when I’m in NY a typical day is:

  • 8:30am: wake up, tea, emails
  • 10am: work out
  • 11:15am: smoothie and shower
  • 12pm: HBFIT offices
  • 3pm: meeting
  • 5pm: hair and makeup
  • 7pm: DJ gig

What has been you biggest career highlight?

My 2016 Adidas campaign!

If you had the chance to start your career again, what would you do differently?

I would be very careful about who I go into business with.

As a businesswoman, what top three tips would you give to someone aspiring to launch his or her own start-up?

  1. Create a mentor board for yourself, which includes people you can call and gain insight from.
  2. Know your skills and look for a team member who has a different skill set than you.
  3. Buy domains and social handles even before you have the concept fleshed out.

Who do you look up to and admire?

I think what Jessica Alba has done with her career and business is amazing. Jennifer Fisher is also #momgoals as she to has a booming business and is always cooking for her family, making her the ultimate multitasking mommy.
Hannah Bronfman

You’re also a DJ, how did you get into the music industry?

I started DJing in college. It was just a hobby but then I soon realized I could make a good living out of it.

What are your top three most-played songs?

  1. Work by Rihanna
  2. A team by Travis Scott
  3. Summer 16 by Drake

How do you balance home life with travelling and business?

Finding balance is key! I recently had a talk series with Sirius XM called The Balance with Hannah Bronfman where I discussed finding balance for people who have multitasking careers. For me I make dining in a priority at least once or twice a week. We travel a lot so we like to have friends over when we cook and be cozy at home with the people we love. I also like to make multiple meetings on one day so that I have a full day to test recipes, create content etc. When I travel I try to do research and make time to explore a city from a wellness perspective.

What’s your training regime like? What would a typical workout entail?

I like to switch it up. I take dance classes, Pilates, hot yoga, boxing and also train with trainers. I’m constantly trying new places because as the editor for a wellness brand it’s kind of comes with the job.

What are some of your fave active wear essentials?

PureBoost X from adidas.

If we took a peek inside your gym bag, what would we find right now?

  • Deodorant from Schmits
  • Mio skin towelettes
  • A brush

What about your travel essentials?

  • Vinter’s Daughter face oil
  • Dr. Bronner Lavender Hand Sanitizer
  • Glossier travel face masks
  • Dr. Jart sheet masks
  • Matt’s Munchies fruit snacks
  • Wander Beauty Foundation Sticks
  • OUAI travel size hair masks

Where do you currently reside? What is your go-to spot for exercise? Brunch? Date night?

I live in the East Village in Manhattan.
I love 305 Fitness, Peridance, Sal Anthony movement Salon & Nicole Winhofer’s NW Studio. Jeepney and Sadelles are great for brunch. Date night can be spent at Sobaya for Ramen, The Eddy, The Bowery, Babu ji or Oiji.

Do you stick to a particular diet/nutrition philosophy?

I am very mindful of what I eat during the week and not so concerned on the weekends. I workout and eat right so that when I do indulge, there is no guilt. I am a happy eater!

Hannah BronfmanAny health secrets you swear by?

I add gelatin to my morning matcha. It has 11 grams of protein in 1 tbsp and has no flavor. It’s great especially if you don’t have time or are not a morning eater. It’s also great for my skin too. I also do infrared sauna once a week. It’s $30 for an hour and is a great sweat/ provides me with a time that I can meditate.

What do you do to relax and recharge?

I love a bath with oils and salts. Always calming and refocusing.

What’s next for you? Any upcoming projects we can look forward to?

We just launched my new series with POPSUGAR called Hannahgram! Follow me on Snapchat (@hannahbgood) for everything else going down in my life!

Quick questions:

First thing I did when I woke up this morning:

Made a matcha latte

Most people probably don’t know this about me, but:

I stared a charity called Seed Street. We refurbish old shipping containers with hydroponic systems to grow organic produce in communities that don’t have access to local food

Workout I’m currently obsessed with:

Boxing with my trainer or class at Shadow Box NYC

The one place I’d never wear yoga pants:

The MET Gala

I never make a smoothie without adding:

Hmmmm chia powder?

If sugar were a superfood, my diet would consist of:

I’m actually more of a salty girl than sweet!

I never leave home without:

My air repair lip balm

My favourite emoji is:

🔮 cause life is magical!

Image credits: @hannahbronfman

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