The co-working space that is as stylish as it is inspiring

Entrepreneur Katherine Power knows what you need to be your own best boss.

The road to success may not be easy, but for all the L.A movers and shakers out there, here’s something to help you conceive your entrepreneurial dreams.
Blending a healthy dose of technology and smart, creative people to share it with, entrepreneurs as well as freelancers are thriving in newly developed co-working spaces that are proving to be cost-effective, efficient, and most importantly, motivating. As much as your brilliant ideas can sprout and grow at your local café (or, to be honest, in the comfort of your living room) there’s something to be said about working around like-minded business enthusiasts in an environment that’s tailored to your needs.
Katherine Power, the innovative fashion mind behind your go-to celebrity fashion site and Clique Media Group, understands this predicament and is expanding her business ventures with a chic and urban co-working space in the heart of LA. With young entrepreneurs in mind, she has designed and developed a modern work-space that is stylish as well as inspiring. Say hello to Anyco.

“Working in an inspiring and comfortable environment is key to success. We created Anyco to help you and your business thrive. Our goal is to provide you with the space you need, while exposing you to a curated community of compatible talent.” CEO AnyCo.Co, Katherine Power.

Equipped with high-speed wifi, the offices are accessible based on a monthly membership fee, with varying prices depending on your business needs. Choose between a range of options from “Communal Lounge Space” complete with access to conference rooms, or “Multi Office” featuring private and furnished multi desk offices. The open plan environment is a welcoming feature for enthusiastic and ambitious individuals who need that extra boost of encouragement to get things done.
So step away from the remote, get off the couch and start mixing with the start up geeks you know you secretly want to be. We guarantee you’ll get those creative juices flowing.
Anyco, co-working space LA

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