Buying A Yoga Mat? Make Sure It Has These 5 Things

A bad mat can seriously spoil your zen.

So, you’ve finally decided to invest in a yoga mat. Perhaps you’re new to the practice or you’re so experienced that it’s time for an upgrade. Whatever the reason, there’s more to choosing your place of practice than you’d think. If you’ve ever done yoga, I don’t need to convince you of this—a bad mat can seriously spoil your zen.
Consider this: you’re flowing through your moving meditation, trying to focus but all you can think about is how much your knees hurt on the floor or how close you are to falling on your face—not very tranquil, is it?
So, before you head out and be seduced by a fun print or, worse yet, purchase the first mat you see, make sure it has these five things.

1. It’s non-slip

If you feel like you’re playing Twister more than performing a stable downward dog, it’s time for a new mat—adequate grip is probably the most important feature to look out for. Do some research and keep in mind buzz words like moisture-wicking, extra grip and non-slip.

2. It’s antimicrobial

You may have read that your yoga mat carries more bacteria than your phone. It’s not surprising, really. If you’re a regular at hot yoga, you’ll know just how wet it can get. Along with cleaning your mat after class (which you should always do), choosing one that’s antimicrobial will make it significantly more hygienic.

3. It’s not too thin

Check the thickness before purchasing a yoga mat. After all, it’s the only thing separating your joints from the hard floor so it needs to have a little cushioning.

4. It’s not too thick

That being said, if it’s too thick, it’ll affect your practice. We’d recommend around 5-6mm but try out a few to find what’s best for you. If you’re a beginner, you may need to start thicker until you’re more stable.

5. It’s made from high-quality fabrics

It’s worth spending a little extra to get a yoga mat that’s really good quality. Try to avoid PVCs, which is a toxic plastic. When shopping, look for PVC-free mats made from natural rubber.

+ Our Pick…

Alo’s Warrior Mat ticks all the boxes. It provides adequate grip without disrupting your flow and is thick enough to protect your joints but thin enough not to ruin your practice. It’s antimicrobial and dry-wicking so it draws moisture away from the surface making it not only non-slip but also more hygienic and it’s made from 100% natural rubber (bottom).
Shop → Alo Warrior Mat.

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