What's In My Gym Bag: Healthy Food Blogger Rachel Mansfield

Rachel Mansfield has 230,000 people checking in on literally everything she puts in her mouth. As a healthy recipe developer, food blogger, and nut butter lover with a robust Instagram following, Mansfield works hard to stay in shape and enjoy all the treats she whips up on a daily basis.

“I am surrounded by food 24/7. There is a pantry 10 feet away from me with 12 shelves stacked with various types of granolas, nut butters, chocolates, bars and more at all times. There is fridge that honestly has not had vacancy since we moved in last August, and a freezer that is filled with the leftovers from recipe testing (mostly cookies, banana breads and other desserts) and who even knows what else is in there…
Then there are the packages that arrive daily filled with food. Half the time I don’t even know how the company got my address (yes, it is scary) or any idea what the product is. 90% of the time it is food related and luckily since I am in the clean eating space, chances are it is organic and likely up my alley to eat.”

OK, Mansfield’s life kind of sounds like our dream (imagine never having to buy Perfect Bars at the store ever again!). But we get it—even when you’re eating healthy food, you’ve gotta enjoy it in moderation, and maybe hit the gym a few times a week, too! Mansfield is a self-professed barre devotee, so we know this girl gets her sweat on. We tapped the healthy blogger to peep what was in her bag. Here’s what we found:

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Lip balm: I do not leave home ever without lip balm. I love using coconut oil based ones that keep my lips hydrated and smooth especially before i work out and sweat it all out
A snack of sorts (duh): There is a 99% chance i have something to snack on in my backpack (i always use a backpack!). usually some type of bar made out of nuts, seeds, protein or a recipe from my blog to snack on before or after.
CORE Organic Watermelon Lemonade: I am on a serious watermelon kick right now and CORE is changing the way I drink watermelon and lemonade at once. Plus the sugar content isn’t crazy and still tastes so sweet with no artificial sweeteners
Face wipes: I usually run errands or head to meetings after my workouts in the a.m. so I keep some type of non-toxic face wipes in my backpack to wipe any sweat or dirt off my face after I work out. Plus, it is pretty icky letting it all build up
Grippy socks: I am a huge barre gal and have to wear grippy socks in classes. I’m not into the “barefoot in class” thing so i bring a pair with me and always have extra in my bag just in case!
Alligator hairclip: AKA how I preserve a blow out (more details on this on my blog) and alligator clips hold my hair together well in a high or low bun and help prevent any creases or anything during my workout
Deodorant: I finally found a non-toxic deodorant that works and stays really well! I leave this in my bag and apply it right before I work out and it’s good to keep an extra on hand just in case.
Fabric spray: I keep a fabric refresher spray so  I can spray my clothes after a class when I head to a meeting. Its like perfume but for your clothes and the perfect hold-me-over until you’re home!
Gum: I’m not a huge gum chewer but I do find that I workout better when I am chewing during a class. It helps me stay alert
Hat: My hair is in coconut oil basically twice a week and on days that it is just a tad too greasy to wear in public, I throw a hat on my hat to hide my hair

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