BREAKING: lululemon's Naked Collection May Be Their Best Tights Yet

If there’s one thing the wellness world can agree on, it’s that lululemon knows leggings. If you exercise, board aeroplanes or are partial to brunch on the weekend, it’s pretty much guaranteed you own a pair—even Kylie Jenner does. But the fact that she was spotted in the Wunder Unders isn’t the reason the athletic apparel giant rose to fame in the first place. Their leggings needed no assistance.
Unlike other brands that focus on shape or size, lululemon designs by sensation. Yep, they engineer their leggings based on how they make you feel so, unsurprisingly, their most innovative and popular pant sensation is Naked.

lululemon new Naked tights
Hannah Bromley, Rebecca Joy Cole, Marieke Thomas, Melissa Jaye Wilson, Olivia Russo and yogi Sunshine Zerda

Described as “cloud-light” and like “butter on toast”, the Naked collection was inspired by that next-to-nothing feeling. But the team at lululemon say it’s “one of those things that you truly have to feel for yourself.” So to give us a hand, they launched their Naked Ambition campaign.
Showcasing six badass female athletes, the campaign highlights the freedom of movement enabled by the collection’s special Nulux fabric. There’s former professional and international soccer player Hannah Bromley, professional basketballer Rebecca Joy Cole, professional hockey player Marieke Thomas, former ballerina Melissa Jaye Wilson, state and national sprinter Olivia Russo and yogi Sunshine Zerda—women who aren’t afraid to show their “naked” ambition.
lululemon new Naked tights
Sunshine Zerda

While we could bang on all day about the inspiring campaign, the images speak for themselves. Featured in the Fast and Free Crop and Fast and Free Tight or Align Pant, each woman appears driven but graceful, strong but “naked” in their ambition.

“Naked ambition is having the willingness to step outside your comfort zone and trust your strength and abilities,” says Rebecca Joy Cole.

As for the collection itself, it’s soft and smooth, lightweight but opaque, and ultra sweat-wicking. It’s breathable, offers maximum stretch (*cough* check out Melissa Jayne Wilson) and a lightening-fast dry time. Not to mention, it’s incredibly flattering.

Sunshine Zerda
Melissa Jae Wilson

Check out the video below to feel it for yourself. If it doesn’t inspire you to exercise—and buy a pair of tights—we don’t know what will.

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