low-carb diet
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This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Stop Eating Carbs

It's not entirely what you think!

The attitude towards carbs is still sort of entirely lost on the public. Because of fad diets, uninformed “experts”, and our changing science, the world has become absolutely obsessed with the word “low carb”. Between sugars, fats, and carbs, we’ve been made to think that those things are the enemy. When in reality, avoiding said things can actually become a dangerous habit that can deeply affect your health. It’s even associated with a higher risk of mortality, according to Byrdie. We decided to do some more research on the subject to figure out what actually happens to your body when you stop eating carbs. Keep reading for more!

This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Go On a Low-Carb Diet

1) Your body will go into ketosis

It is true what they say, the keto diet’s goal of ketosis is actually what happens when you eat no carbs or very little carbs. Ketones are small parts of carbon that are released into the body because you are burning fat and not carbs. Although this does sound ideal, it’s actually not. Fat burns slower as fuel than sugar or glucose, so it’ll take a long time before your body even has access to it. Your metabolism will not increase like it does due to a sound diet and exercise plan. This is a straight-up no-no. There are a lot more insights as to why you might want to avoid a low-carb diet.

low-carb diet
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2) You’ll lose water weight

When you are on a keto diet, you will most definitely lose water weight first. This can lead to you feeling mislead. Non-water weight will follow. Unfortunately, maintaining this is something that is difficult to do long term.

low-carb diet
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3) Eat high-fiber foods, don’t skimp on the carbs

Carbs are not your enemy, the ones that are not high-density are the problem. Fiber-rich foods will give you a feeling of being full. This will make it easier not to snack. When you are eating carbs that are good for you, you’re getting plenty of nutrients that give you a lot of necessities that you need for your body.

low-carb diet
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