Lead a Female-Founded Startup? We Want to Feature You!

Female-founded startups, we've got a big surprise for you.

I don’t know about you, but when spring starts to blossom (as it is here in LA), I somehow begin to feel alive and inspired. I go out more, I hang with my friends, I host dinner parties, I go to the beach, and just have way more fun when the weather is warmer.
Unsure if it’s the vitamin D or just the idea of warmer weather, but I feel healthier and happier when the sun’s out. And interestingly enough, more inspired: While I was laying in the park with my husband and french bulldog enjoying the sun rays, I began thinking about the future of Amodrn.
Amodrn is so female-focused—our goal is to inspire our fellow women to be the best versions of themselves, and we always want to help other women. As the society slowly evolves into a more equal-opportunity place, we’re seeing more female entrepreneurs get the confidence to start their own thing. The world is taking notice, and it’s about time.

I love seeing this because I was once there. But it can be really hard to become successful … it’s time-consuming, expensive, and stressful. I know firsthand how challenging it can be to start a business—heck, I feel like I’m still doing it and it breaks my heart when I see other women start a business only to have to close a few months later.

Amodrn is a platform to share ideas, to create awareness and around intelligent conversations in the wellness world and to learn from each other.

Which is why from this month forward I am opting to help founders in the wellness world get a jumpstart. I want to help them introduce their business to the Amodrn audience. We want to help get your brand or product out there! With the help of Amodrn, you can do it.

Once a month, we’ll select two female-founded wellness startups for a full-feature treatment on the Amodrn site—we’re talking the whole shebang, from articles to social posts to email mentions. Want in? Send your cover letter and business deck to:
email: [email protected]
In April, we’re focusing on sustainability and building a better planet—does your business fall into this category?

We CAN help each other grow, so let’s embrace this new shift towards equality and female startups and be a better world for us all.
XX, Bianca 

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