Komboffee (Kombucha x Coffee) Has Just Hit The Wellness Scene

'Booch and beans, together at last.

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Kombucha and booze, probiotic coffee, pho cocktails… we’ve certainly seen some interesting wellness beverage combos emerge recently. But every now and again, one comes along that really makes us think “why the heck didn’t we think of this first?” Enter, the brewing new trend of Komboffee.

What is Komboffee?


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It’s not too difficult to guess from the name what Komboffee is all about: it blends organic kombucha with 100% Arabica Cold Brew Coffee. The fusion beverage is the brainchild of award-winning coffee roaster Frank Andrews, who serves up a range of clever ready-to-drink wellness beverages at Frankie’s Brew. Frank is known for his innovative blends and techniques, including alkaline coffee.

Image: Frankie’s Brew

Komboffee was a collaboration between Frank and his friend Alex, who is a kombucha maker. The pair spent months trying to find the perfect ratio of ‘booch and beans to create a delicious and refreshing beverage. The result was Komboffee!

What are the health benefits of Komboffee?


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Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably heard of the gut-boosting health benefits of kombucha. The fermented fizzy beverage includes probiotics, which are known to improve digestion, relieve bloating and boost immune function. Meanwhile, beyond the obvious energy boost, coffee has been linked with a range of health benefits—including boosting longevity, accelerating fat loss and improving heart health. Combine the two and you’ve got yourself one seriously healthy beverage!

What does Komboffee taste like?


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If you’ve ever had cold brew coffee, you’ll know that it has quite a strong, rich taste. Adding in the kombucha help takes the edge off by adding a touch of sweetness, resulting in a drink that almost tastes like a peach and lemon iced tea.
The drink is high in caffeine (more than the amount in two long blacks) but Frankie’s brew takes two hours to create and is made with alkaline water, which slows the release of caffeine into the system. It’s fizzy but not overly so, so we could definitely see ourselves drinking it as an energising pre-workout before the gym.


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Where can you get Komboffee?

Frankie’s Brew originated from Frankie’s Bean Cafe Shop in Sydney’s Kings Cross, but you can find it for $6 at a range of coffee shops around Australia. You can keep up with Komboffee’s whereabouts on Instagram here or check out their website here.

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