Joe & The Juice On Its Way Down Under

And we're all too happy to welcome the liquid veggie goodness onto our shores.

Joe & The Juice – the juice and coffee bar that had the Danes in a craze is making it’s way Down Under, and after making a stop in Singapore, we’re all too happy to welcome the liquid veggie goodness onto our shores.
Joe & The JuiceJoe & The Juice is offering all your favourite cold-pressed juices, shakes and quality coffee, with the new venue setting up camp at Sydney International Airport. All the more reason to pack your bags and plan your next wellness destination.
A go-to health staple in Europe, the green-juice powerhouse is slowly building its name and brand in over 70 countries including in Asia, USA and now Australia. Safe to say the world is seeing green. With a simple formula for success (premium quality ingredients + healthy combination of food and drink + really good vibes), there’s something to satisfy everyone’s urge to splurge in the health department at Joe & The Juice. Fresh juices are no longer reserved for the enlightened yogis, as health aficionados world-wide have been feeling the nutritional benefits of a liquid cleanse every now and then.
We’ve all heard and read of the multiple benefits of getting your daily veggie fix, and for Joe & The Juicesome of us it’s great to know there’s a non-chewable alternative. Made to order and as fresh as they get, we can’t wait to try the innovate ginger shot coffee or their Instagram-worthy signature blend Joe’s Roots (with beetroot, carrot and ginger) – famous for promoting digestion and detoxing the liver.
So in case you’ve been having one too many cocktails, we’d like to think there’s always a pick-me up waiting to cure your Sunday morning headache.

Joe & The Juice is set to open at Sydney International Airport in August


Instagram: @joeandthejuice

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