Mum, Jen Dugard swears by this flake-free hair care range

Got an itchy, flaky scalp? Try this pregnancy-safe hair care range.

Pregnancy is a wonderful time for any woman. But, what they don’t tell you is how you will feel about your changing body….skin….hair….. You will glow they say, you’ll feel fantastic… and you do….at times. But, what about the days when you don’t feel fantastic, when your boobs are huge and your clothes don’t fit any more? When you just want to be ‘normal’ again and put on your favorite jeans to make you feel great? I don’t know about you but whenever I want to feel good I make an effort with my hair; book a cut or blow-dried, even blow-dryng and straightening it myself can take me from feeling blah to SO much better!

Imagine my shock…..I’d never suffered from Dandruff before, but pregnancy hormones can wreak havoc with your body and for me this included dry skin and a dry and flaky scalp. I went in search of a solution….to this problem.

Correct me if I’m wrong but usually when I think ‘anti-dandruff’ I’m thinking “there goes the quality shampoo that I love” – well, introducing Head and Shoulders brand new Beautiful Hair Collection with their three varieties for different types of hair; Damage Rescue, Thick & Strong and Glossy Colour. All designed to give you flake free hair that, surprisingly, doesn’t have you sacrificing good quality and a smooth and strong, healthy look.
Having stopped coloring my hair during pregnancy I gave the “Thick & Strong” shampoo and conditioner a go and was totally surprised with the results. Within only a matter of days the flakes started to clear up and not only that, but my hair was looking shinier and glossier than ever – there may have been some pregnancy hormones involved in that too, but I was certainly happy with the results.

Combat dandruff whilst gaining surprisingly beautiful, shiny hair.

Head and Shoulders, anti dandruff shampoo
SHOP – head & shoulders Glossy Colour Shampoo – $12.49/350ml, head & shoulders Damage Recue Shampoo – $12/ 350ml, head & shoulders Thick & Strong Shampoo – $12.49/ 350ml

I found peace of mind and confidence in the fact that this is a mild and gentle shampoo yet contains a highly effective formula that had been tried and tested and guaranteed to be safe to use for pregnancy mums – and confidence in myself again! I believe the Thick & Strong formula also helped with post-pregnancy hair loss that you experience as a new mum. I honestly think that I had less fly-away hair than I had previously and before using Head and Shoulders Beautiful Hair Collection.

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Now, post-natally I am still using my Thick & Strong shampoo, enjoying flake-free beautiful hair and I know, when I go back to coloring my hair again I can easily switch to their Glossy Colour product now that I have found a solution to one of the lovely pregnancy issues that many women might also face.

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*Available at all major supermarkets, pharmacies, and grocery stores.

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