Meet Jaguar's First SUV: The Luxurious F-Pace

Luxury. Performance. Style.

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While it may be obvious that we know about yoga, nutrition, and fitness, you might be surprised to find that we also know a thing or two about cars. The ultra-luxurious Jaguar F-Pace has finally landed on our shores, and it does not disappoint.
Our very own Bianca Cheah has been recruited as a brand ambassador, alongside Kris Smith and Adam Gilchrist. So, we spoke to her to find out a little more about Jaguar’s ultimate practical sports car. Read on to see what she had to say.

Powerful Performance

With decisive and effortless eight-speed auto, the F-Pace steers with the precision of a smaller car. The F-Pace does 0-60 miles per hour in 5.4 seconds and is noticeably smooth in its acceleration. The drive itself is exceptionally quiet too, fitting for a car that boasts such a spacious feel and luxurious experience.

It’s so enjoyable drive. It’s very balanced and very steady on the road – Bianca Cheah.

The F-Pace is uniquely sized, perfect for an everyday SUV. The spacious interior features a digital widescreen that controls everything from sound and media functions to navigation, climate and reversing cameras. The instruments light up the dashboard and complete the high-tech feel.

Understated Luxury

From the outside, the F-Pace is simply gorgeous. As with most Jaguars, the exterior simply oozes class. The F-Pace is instantly recognisable as a thing of beauty, with sleek lines and that menacing grill Jaguar is known for. This should come as no surprise with renowned designer Ian Callum at the helm for its design.
It sits lower than most of its competitors, far more sporty than other SUVs on the market while keeping the high-tech features and luxury that you expect from a Jaguar.

Sophisticated Style

The interior feels special without being overdone, something that is to be expected of a company known for its style and luxury. The panoramic roof floods the interior with natural light and makes it feel even more spacious than it already is. For added comfort, heated and reclinable seats can be added in an interior comfort package.

The inside is extremely spacious. Everything from the dash to the leather seats feels luxurious -Bianca Cheah.

The F-Pace comes with a wearable rubber wristband that acts as a secondary key. The device means you can leave the car key inside the vehicle while you go for a swim or surf, and use the wristband to unlock it when you’re back.

I love the freedom that the key gives me. For example, when I go down to the beach I pop it on my wrist and don’t have to worry about finding a safe place to put the keys. – Bianca Cheah.

Luxury, performance, and style, what’s not to love?!
The Jaguar F-Pace is available now.

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