Is this Singapore's most exclusive fitness club?

Set amongst the Singaporean clouds on the 38th floor, the aptly named Gravity Club is every elite gym aficionado’s dream.
Conveniently located in the heart of the city’s CBD the fitness and wellbeing sanctuary is quite literally setting the bar high with an extensive array of top quality services, treatments and gym facilities.
It showcases everything you would expect from the crème-de-la crème of gyms, with 17,000sq.ft. of space for you to explore all your fitness fantasies and a 25m outdoor swimming pool with panoramic views of the harbour.
Advanced yoga, dynamic yoga, cycle sprint or performance classes are at hand, privately or in group, boasting some of the most high-tech and up-to-date equipment on offer.
Before you drop down and squat, however, an expert team consisting of in-house doctors and certified fitness coaches will assess your overall health and fitness level and cater to your body’s every need. And because no top-quality fitness program should go without a personalized diet, they also have a vitamin programme, “Gravity Next-Vits”, which is tailored to your body’s micronutrient essentials.
Oh and lets not forget about the spa, which features wellness experts in chiropractic craniosacral therapy, naturopathy, deep tissue massage and aromatherapy among other bliss inducing practices.
Don’t start drooling just yet, its accessibility is by invite only, with a limited capacity of 999 (because 1000 is just too generic). But even if you do manage to make the short list, you’ll be up for an impressive S$3,000 (AUSD$ 2,901) joining fee, followed by a monthly S$600 (AUSD$581), a price justified by its “holistic and luxurious wellness experience”.
We imagine it would be hard going back to your neighbourhood gym after visiting this luscious retreat worthy of the corporate elite, so in the mean time, we’ll just keep on playing those lottery numbers.

Gravity Club

Address: 138 Market St, Singapore


Gravity Club, Singapore

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