Is pistachio milk the new trendy drink?

Pistachio Milk

You may have noticed that the Amodrn HQ team have been going a little nuts lately. It’s a trend that’s sweeping the office, and soon to be your kitchen.
We’ve praised the benefits of almonds, our trusty provider of healthy fats. We’ve rejoiced over cashew-cream cheese, brain-boosting walnuts and gone loco for coco during our afternoon slump. But the nut trend is far from over, and we’ve found another milk alternative to drive your barista crazy (but really, we knew he’d love making those almond lattes eventually!)

Enter: pistachio milk.

The pistachio is a nutrient dense powerhouse and we’re milking it for all it’s worth. Literally. According to nutritionist Bannie Williams pistachios are rich in calcium, magnesium as well as B group vitamins, which means consumed as a milk, there are a number of nutritional properties. Not to mention the deliciously creamy texture!
“Like other nut milks, pistachio milk is a dairy free alternative for those who are lactose intolerant or looking to minimise their dairy consumption. However with all nut milks, opt for a pistachio milk which does not contain any additives, preservatives and is un-sweetened,” Bannie advises.
And one brand that has come across our radar is NüMoo. Cold-pressed juice brand Juisi have hopped onto the pistachio bandwagon, introducing their new line of nut milks, the aforementioned NüMoofeaturing their star ingredient, (you guessed it) pistachio. Sweetened with only dates and natural flavours of vanilla, cacao, espresso or fresh strawberries, these organic bottles of goodness have everything (read: the very few ingredients actually necessary) you’d expect in an all natural, vegan, guilt and dairy free pick-me-up.
“Pistachios have a lot of flavor, so it’s [NüMoo] naturally sweet, savory, and has a little bit of a salty note,” co-founder Joseph Savino told Well and Good NYC.
Keep your eyes out for this new luscious liquid, or make some at home just by soaking the nuts overnight and blending in your faithful Vitamix.

Bannie’s top tip: try combining pistachio milk, with figs, dates and cinnamon for a delicious, Middle Eastern inspired smoothie.

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