Image: InsideTracker InnerAge 2.0

This Personalized Nutrition System Calculates Your Body’s Real Biological Age

New InnerAge 2.0 from InsideTracker provides a simple action plan of science-backed recommendations to improve the quantity and quality of the years ahead of you.


You’ve heard the saying, “age is nothing but a number”. Sometimes it refers to a person’s youthful exuberance. Other times it can justify how, when, or if someone can partake in an activity, accomplish a goal, or do something they’ve always dreamed of. The truth is that the number of birthdays you have celebrated is not the factor that determines your biological age. Some people age at different speeds, some faster and some slower. Your biological age is actually defined by genetic and lifestyle factors. Diet, exercise, stress, and other factors determine how young you are on the inside, not the number of candles on your birthday cake. 

But how do we as individuals figure out how old we really are? And what do we do with that information to lower that biological age and help us improve our healthspan? InsideTracker InnerAge 2.0 is here to tell you exactly that. InsideTracker’s InnerAge 2.0 works by tracking your body’s real biological age, then providing you with a simple action plan of science-backed recommendations designed to improve the quantity and quality of the years ahead of you. Lowering your InnerAge has never been easier and more simple.

Image: InsideTracker InnerAge 2.0

How Does It Work?

To live better and longer, you need to take steps to improve your health. InnerAge 2.0 analyzes your blood based on up to eighteen biomarkers that are both strong predictors of longevity and can be influenced by nutrition and lifestyle. It will take into account your calendar age and lifestyle factors as well to give you your “biological age” or your internal age. You can be up to 24 years younger (or older) than your calendar age. After this process, InnerAge will tell you what actions to take to optimize and prioritize your health.

Why We Love InnerAge 2.0

It may be a little scary to find out your InnerAge, but it’s an important step to take for you to take control of your health. Your wellness journey is in your hands. With the small steps provided by InnerAge, you take a step towards increasing energy, controlling inflammation, improving digestive health, reducing stress, and feeling incredible inside and out. You can lower your InnerAge, you have the power within you to do so. With an ultra-personalized lifestyle guide and science-backed nutrition, your health can take the front seat in your life.

Keeping up with the changes in your lifestyle is super simple. InnerAge provides tracking for you over time so you are able to keep on the right track with your goals. We love that you can see how accurately you can track your progress so that you can see just how easy it is to become and stay healthy.

Image: InsideTracker InnerAge 2.0

What’s New In InnerAge 2.0?

Living longer and better starts with a number. With InnerAge 2.0, a world-class team of experts and scientists have spent years identifying exactly which biomarkers are strong predictors of longevity. They studied tens of thousands of data samples over a period of ten plus years to create an algorithm that compares your biomarkers to your peers and uses this data to contribute to your biological age. As more data emerges, the algorithm evolves, refines, improves, and becomes more accurate.

With this newer version comes the flexibility to add on to existing InsideTracker panels. If you’re already an InsideTracker user, you can add this update to your existing plan. Of course, the more biomarkers you have, the higher the strength of your InnerAge score. But don’t worry, a minimum of only five key markers is needed for an insightful and base level readout. On top of this, an increase in biomarkers actually makes your test more stable, accurate, and less sensitive to daily fluctuations of individual biomarkers. InnerAge includes three times the number of biomarkers available before! There are 14 new biomarkers for women and 18 biomarkers for men. More personalization equals more accuracy!

With more biomarkers, you’re also able to see how one individual biomarker affects your biological age. You’ll be able to visualize the path to health and see the impact one aspect of your lifestyle can have on your biological age as a whole. With the new graphing tool, you’ll be able to see what your lifestyle changes will do in the future as well. You can see your best InnerAge, your worst InnerAge, look into your past, or see into your future! What will happen when you take your lifestyle changes and nutrition seriously? You’ll be able to see with InnerAge 2.0.

Image: InsideTracker InnerAge 2.0

How Much Is InnerAge 2.0?  

For new customers: $179 

To add-on to existing InsideTracker plans: Only $99 

What You’ll Get With InnerAge 2.0

  • Comprehensive blood test 
  • Optimal ranges for each biomarker
  • Personalized Action Plan of science-backed recommendations
  • Secure, online portal with a customized dashboard
FEMALE (14) MALE (18)
Albumin (Serum protein) Albumin (Serum protein)
Basophils % (Immune cells)  Basophils % (Immune cells) 
DHEAS (Sex hormone) Calcium 9Bone health)
Eosinophils % (Liver enzyme) GGT (Liver enzyme)
GGT (Liver enzyme) Glucose (Blood sugar)
Glucose (Blood sugar) Hematocrit (Oxygen transport)
Hemoglobin A1c (Blood sugar) Hemoglobin A1c (Blood sugar)
LDL (Cholesterol transporter) hsCRP (Inflammation)
Lymphocytes (Immune cells) LDL (Cholesterol transporter)
Monocytes % (Immune cells) Lymphocytes (Immune cells)
RDW (Red blood cell width) MCH (Oxygen transport)
Triglycerides (Fats for energy storage) MCHC (Oxygen transport)
TIBC (Iron-binding capacity) Neutrophils % (Immune cells)
BMI (Body mass index) RBC (Oxygen transport)
  SHBG (Sex hormone carrier)
  Triglycerides (Fats for energy storage)
  Free testosterone (Sex hormone)
  BMI (Body mass index)
Image: InsideTracker InnerAge 2.0

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