PSA For Your Next Cheat Day: Dessert Fish And Chips Is Now A Thing

Nutella is involved.

Here at Amodrn, we’re all about eating fresh, healthy, wholesome food. Fueling your body with the right foods is so important when you’re constantly on the go! That said, we’re definitely not adverse to treating yourself to something decadent every now and again! But when it comes to having a cheat meal (or day!), not just any old thing will do. We love trying new, innovative and of course, tasty treats that make you think “why didn’t we think of that first?” Think, avocado chocolate or unicorn toast.
The folks over at Tella Balls Dessert Bar are all about serving up crazy (and crazy delicious) new things. As if Nutella-filled doughnut balls weren’t indulgent enough, they upped their game with their famous Tella ball shakes. Chances are, you spotted them all over your Instagram feed last year! Then, there were Pastatella (crepe strips with melted chocolate and chocolate ‘parmesan’ shavings) and Tellababs (Nutella-centered kebabs). But their latest creation is perhaps the craziest of them all.

Introducing, the Tellafish and Chips

Image C/O Tella Balls

While it looks remarkably like the normal fish and chips you might order during a day at the beach, it’s actually a decadent dessert. So don’t worry, it doesn’t have a fishy taste! The ‘fish’ is shallow fried house-made vanilla bean ice cream with a golden Panko crumb, while the ‘chips’ are made of crunchy doughnut with a super soft filling. As for the ‘tartare’ dipping sauce? It’s actually a fine white Belgian chocolate and of course, finished with a shot of Nutella. Yep, our mouths are watering just thinking about it!
If you’ve already got your heart set on trying it for your next cheat day, the Tellafish and Chips will be available from both Concord and Dulwich Hill stores in Sydney from the 27th of May, for $18. You can find out more about Tella Balls Dessert Bar here.

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