I Tried (And Fell In Love With) This Radiance-Boosting Serum

Truth be told, I was amazed by the results.

Popping pills ain’t my thing, but I know vitamins are essential for my body. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good burger and chocolate bar occasionally haha, but most of the time I eat plenty of protein, dairy and grains to keep my body and skin looking and feeling great.
So, I was incredibly intrigued to hear about beauty vitamins for the skin. I’m talking about the new generation of powders, drinks, and topical products that are designed to give serious oomph to the skin. With promises of increased elasticity and softer, smoother skin, these things sound like legitimate miracle workers. And there’s one in particular that has captured my attention (and heart!).

Meet Shiseido’s Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate

Put simply by me, this pre-treatment is just like a beauty vitamin for my skin. It’s packed full of botanical ingredients—like rose flower water, ginkgo leaf and Japanese shiso—that support my skin’s health whilst protecting against the harsh environment. After just two full weeks of using this product, my skin thrived, with a smoother (bye-bye wrinkles) and more resilient look (hello radiance) and feel.
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But, perhaps the best thing about the serum is how lightweight and refreshing it is. It dries to a velvety finish and there’s no oily residue, so it’s perfect for use in the morning underneath makeup. And when I use it at night, my skin looks fresh and hydrated by the time I wake up. It only takes two minutes to apply, and it yields big results in the end.
For such a small addition to my daily skin care routine, the Shiseido Ultimune is a definite no brainer!
B xx

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