I tried an IV beauty treatment. Here's what happened.

From doctors to Kimmy K, it seems everyone is doing it.

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Last week I found myself in a stranger’s hotel room at 8am on a Wednesday. And before you get any ideas, no I hadn’t slept there. I was at Sydney’s Shangri-La Hotel, the pop-up location for Melbourne-based spa, Duquessa. Why? to receive VitaLite therapy, a procedure that in all honesty, I had no idea about.
Before trialling products or services, I tend to do my research. But since I’d been off work sick that week, I’d gone in blind. Literally. I found myself in room 2039, lying in a bed, with goggles over my eyes, a hair net on my head and an IV drip in my arm.
I was praying I’d wake up with my kidneys.
Rest assured, I did. I was in the safe and capable hands of Duquessa Director, Katherine Millar-Shannon. She has completed her Masters of Nursing and is one of only three cosmetic nurse practitioners in the country.

So what was the treatment?

Duquessa’s VitaLite treatment combines the power of an intravenous vitamin drip with Omnilux LED light therapy.

“While surface treatments can work wonders, I believe in a holistic approach to caring for the skin. The power of combining internal health with deeper skin treatments is incomparable,” says Katherine. “Vita­Lite incorporates the benefits of inner and outer body treatments, giving our customers instant results that not only improve their appearance, but also make them genuinely feel better.”

I received a Vitamin C boost however patients at Duquessa can choose from a menu to suit their needs: energy, immunity, anti-ageing, or overall wellness. One can also opt for the bespoke offering, a vitamin cocktail specifically mixed for their nutrient profile. Patients must receive a blood test within 12 months of visiting to check for irregularities and deficiencies, and after a thorough consultation, a personal drip is created based on an individual’s lifestyle and wellbeing concerns.
“The more aware and informed you are of your body and its needs, the better we can tailor the IV infusion to the individual to offer maximum health benefits,” she says.

And what are the benefits?

We all know that vitamins (especially vitamin C) work wonders for the complexion. Along with stabilising collagen, they rehydrate the body, leaving you with smooth, plump skin. The use of IV compared with oral and topical treatments enhances these benefits by allowing for a much higher dosage and faster rate of absorption.

“Delivering the nutrients direct to the blood­stream, bypassing the digestive system, the IV­ Vitamin Drip offers a more instant result than ingesting vitamins via diet, with cells absorbing up to 90% of the rich nutrients on offer,” says Katherine.

Beauty aside, the administration of IV vitamin therapy is beneficial for one’s overall health. Whether you’re in need of an energy boost, uplift to your immune system or are simply lacking in vitamin B, this treatment is a great way to improve one’s general wellbeing.

And the risks?

There’s nothing new about administering IV drips for better health. From doctors to Kimmy K, it seems everyone’s been doing it. Nevertheless, it’s certainly becoming more mainstream and accessible to the public. With a number of clinics being shut down, claiming to remedy hangovers and prevent jet lag, should we be concerned?

“The biggest thing we recommend is that people do their research and make sure that they are opting for the evidence based treatment, not the ‘fashion’ treatment,” says Katherine.

Make sure you are receiving the procedure from someone who is properly qualified and adhering to all safety requirements. If so, she assures us the risks are minimal.

Afraid of needles? This may be your answer to full lips and wrinkle free skin.

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