How to up your Instagram game

We don’t know about you but for the most part, we’re obsessed with Instagram. However over the years, we’ve come to realise that taking the perfect Insti is no easy feat. Between hashtags, filters and witty-but-to-the-point captions, it can be a little overwhelming.
Whether you’re looking to wrack up followers or simply share snaps with family and friends, creating the feed of your dreams could be as easy as investing in a GoPro. Yes, that’s right, a GoPro. No longer just for guys, these handy cameras allow girls to capture everything from day-to-day activities to epic adventures.
So in honour of International Women’s Day, we caught up with GoPro’s Media Relations Manager, Katie Kilbride to discover how girls can benefit from using a GoPro and get some tips on how to capture better photos and videos.

“Traditionally, GoPro was focused on surf, snow, skate and moto. While that is still a big part of who we are, more recently it has been really important to connect to a female audience. They hold a large purchasing power – they’re buying GoPro’s for their boyfriends, partners, families and friends,” said Katie.

Benefits of using a GoPro:

1. Size – pop it in your clutch or purse and take it wherever you may be going, whether it is a wedding or a night on the town. How convenient!
2. Wide-angle lens – perfect for selfies! You’ll be able to fit all of your friends in the frame as well as the surrounding landscape, which is often hard to do on a phone or camera.
3. Easy to use – the new Hero 4 Silver has an integrated LCD screen, which you can use as your viewfinder. It makes it incredibly easy to play back footage and switch between modes.
4. Upload photos straight away – there’s no need to wait until you’re at a computer, the GoPro app allows you to upload images straight to your phone and share on Instagram.

Katie Kilbride’s tips & tricks:

  1. My favourite setting for a photograph is time-lapse mode at one second. Start shooting and you’re bound to get a great shot. It’s better to have too many than not enough!
  2. When taking pictures, use the 3-way mount. Not only can it be used as a selfie stick, but there’s also a mini tripod at the base, which can be removed and used on its own or combined with the handle.
  3. For videos, I prefer 1080p mode, as most computers and phones are able to adjust and edit this setting.
  4. Capture more footage than you think necessary and get creative with new perspectives.
  5. Use the highlight button (on the side) when taking longer videos. For example, you may be whale watching and recording for 5 minutes before the whale appears. Click the highlight button at that moment (a.k.a the money shot), so when you import your video into an editing programs that moment will be flagged.

Feeling inspired? Celebrate International Women’s Day with GoPro


Celebrating women all over the world, International Women’s Day highlights the achievements made by women whose hard work and dedication to their passions inspire others.

GoPro’s goal is to share the stories of GoPro Girls around the world. GoPro Girls are strong, adventurous and push the limits. They are women leading big lives and we will take the smaller stories and expand them to the global level.

Get involved and tag your most inspirational GoPro Girls asking who their GoPro Girls are. Think Ice Bucket Challenge. Share photos and videos of your favourite GoPro Girls and tag #GoProGirl to be a part of the global conversation.


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