Create A Pin-Worthy Shelf With These Easy Styling Tips

Master the #shelfie.

There’s just something about an artfully styled shelf, whether big or small, that we can never get enough of. They can add personality and flair to a home, while still serving an entirely practical function.
But, we get that styling an interesting and chic shelf is easier said than done. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips and tricks for arranging your pieces like a pro.
Keep scrolling to learn how to turn your basic bookcase into an eye-catching display.

5 Tips For Styling Your Shelf Like A Pro

Start with books

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Books (cracked spines and all) are a no-brainer for any bookcase or shelf. Try a mix of vertical and horizontal arrangements to keep things interesting. You could even arrange your books by colour if you’re struggling to make your space look pulled together.

Add artwork

Shelf, styling, interior design, bookshelf

Sure, not all shelving units can house artwork, but if you can, we highly suggest you do it. It’s a tried-and-true designer trick that always looks beautiful, and creates the illusion of depth. Click here to read our guide on how to find amazing (and affordable) art.

And sculptural pieces

Shelf, bookshelf, styling, interior design

From vases and beautiful bowls to photo frames and crystals, sculptural pieces add personality and flair to any shelf. Just be sure to mix up the textures, sizes, styles and tones but stay within your colour palette so it doesn’t look like a thrift store.

Work with negative space

Shelf, bookshelf styling, interior design

While you may be tempted to fill every nook and cranny with ornaments, negative space can actually work in your favour. Negative space puts the focus on the big ticket items you want to show off. In addition, your shelf won’t look so cluttered.

Change it up

Shelf, styling, interior design

One of our all-time favourite shelf styling tricks is to change up the placement of items every few months (or weekend if you’ve got the time or energy). We guarantee it’ll make your space feel (almost) brand new.

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