Key Ingredients To Add To Your Breakfast To Stop Sugar Cravings

You'd be surprised at what foods can stop that 2 pm slump.

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As a nutritionist, one of the most common questions I get asked is how to overcome pesky sugar cravings! Whether sugar cravings strike daily or just around that time of the month, they can really throw out otherwise good intentions when it comes to our diet and causes a lot of wasted energy deciding whether to fight or give in. While the quality of our overall diet will impact sugar cravings, specifically turning our attention to making sure our breakfast is satisfying may assist.

This is because breakfast can set the tone for the remainder of our day, food-wise, and having breakfast with a few key ingredients can help to stabilize appetite and ward off cravings later into the day. Curious to find out which key ingredients? Read on below.

what to eat to stop sugar cravings
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The Key Ingredients To Add To Breakfast To Stop Sugar Cravings From Taking Over Your Day

Oat bran

An oat bran breakfast is like the forgotten cousin of oats but actually offers a powerhouse of nutrition and is just as versatile. Just two tablespoons contain 3g of fiber! You can easily add them to smoothies, on top of cereal/yogurt or into baked goods. Adequate fibre at breakfast time can help to stabilise blood sugar and appetite and therefore help to ward off sugar cravings.


Loved by most of us, I doubt I need to tell anyone twice to add blueberries to their breakfast. Blueberries are not only a delicious way to boost our antioxidant and vitamin intake but the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of compounds within the blueberries can also help to improve brain function, cognition and concentration. When we feel foggy in the brain, we can often mistake this for needing a pick me up to such as sugar. Blueberries are a much healthier and effective way to support cognition.

Hemp seeds

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of healthy fats and specifically hemp seeds. Hemps seeds are the perfect package when it comes to sugar cravings. They contain essential fatty acids, protein, and fiber, all of which work together to stabilize appetite and blood sugar levels. Try adding a tablespoon or two of hemp seeds to smoothies, porridge/cereal or even sprinkled on top of avocado toast. If you aren’t a hemp seed fan, you can also try chia seeds, flaxseeds and walnuts for a similar benefit.

Leafy greens

Leafy greens such as kale and spinach contain magnesium, which aids in glucose metabolism and also helps our body adapt to stress, a major trigger of sugar cravings! Try adding a handful of spinach or kale to your smoothies, sautéed as a side to avocado on toast or stirred through scrambled eggs to bump up your magnesium intake.


No surprised here, eggs are undeniably an ideal breakfast food. They are not only highly delicious and versatile but they also contain a good source of protein and also fat to help stabilise appetite along with B vitamins, which can help the nervous system adapt to stress. If you don’t have time to prepare eggs in the morning, try boiling half a dozen at the start of the week and store in the fridge ready to be taken on the go or used to top toast when at work.

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