stay slim
Image: Jade Stephens via Unsplash

What Those Who Eat What They Like and Still Stay Slim Have In Common

From fasting to lifting weights.

We all know that person, the one who eats whatever they want and still stays the same size. While everybody’s body is different and no one person is the same when it comes to their metabolism but some things they do. While it might be the genetic gift of metabolism, it could also be the fact that they do a combination of many other things. That person may be fasting, eating a lot of healthy food, and lifting weights. We’ve done some research about what else they may be doing in order to have a high metabolism to get their body moving and burning energy. Keep reading for more!

stay slim
Image: Jade Stephens via Unsplash

What Those Who Eat What They Like and Still Stay Slim Have In Common

1) They Have a High Metabolism

Many people that don’t watch their diet and stay slim often have a very high metabolism. The calories that these people burn at rest are a lot higher than many have. Sometimes, it is a burden because this type of body has to eat a lot more to stay at the base level. They may have to consume more so that they do not feel famished in any way. You can raise your metabolism by exercising and lifting weights.

2) They Fast

Sometimes, those who eat what they like and still stay in shape fast for a period of the day. In experiments done by geneticist David Sinclair, there was no difference in the weight of mice who ate healthily but all day and mice that ate poorly but in a short period of the day. Fasting makes your body eat the bad cells in your body and make your body use fat for energy.

3) They Eat Complex Carbs and Healthy Fats

If you eat healthy complex carbs and not simple fats. Complex carbs like brown rice, oatmeal, and whole wheat that have loads of fiber in them that boost the way that you burn fat.

4) They Lift Weights

If you lift weights, chances are that you are slowly building muscle in your body. When you start to build more muscle, your metabolism gets a lot faster and you are able to burn fat at a high resting rate. This means that in turn, you are able to eat a little bit more than the average person who may even have the same weight as you.

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