How To Prioritise Wellness While Excelling In Your Career, According To A Senior PR Exec

Career chat and a day in the life with PR Exec, Kira Tirshfield.

How to Prioritize Personal Wellness While Excelling in Your Career, According to a Top PR Senior Account Exec

Curious to know what it’s like to work at a top public relations agency? Or how to pursue your career and excel in the competitive, ever-changing industry, without totally losing your shit? *Raises hand.
We sat down with Kira Tirshfield, Senior Account Executive at AZIONE, a bi-coastal public relations agency specializing in lifestyle, wellness and beauty to get the scoop. As part of a kick-ass team of dedicated women, Kira spends her days with some of today’s buzziest brands, working to propel their growth as disruptive, conversation leaders in the wellness sphere and beyond.
Kira breaks down what goes on in her day-to-day work flow, how to stay balanced while pursuing your career in a fast-paced industry, and why she does it all with a smile (and maybe a dash or two of Moon Dust for good measure). 

Amodrn: Personal motto?

Kira Tirshfield: Fake it ‘till you make it. You may be freaking out internally about an upcoming pitch or presentation, but so long as you emanate confidence, no one will ever be able to tell. I think of it as perceived confidence, which is so valuable in life in general – but especially my industry.

What keeps you inspired?  

Young women that have earned a seat at the table.

What time do you wake up, and how do you typically get the day started?

I’m usually up at 5:30am and rushing to a LIT Method class. My boyfriend and I try to go 5 days a week; it’s our sacred time together and really revs up my day from the get go. I’ll show up at 5:50am with my eyes still half closed, yawning profusely, but by the time class is over I’m wide awake and ready to go!

What does a day in the life at a top lifestyle and wellness PR firm look like?

From my morning workout, I head into the office around 7:15am – grabbing an almond or oat milk latte along the way from either Alfred or La Colombe – and start working through my inbox. Throughout the day, I usually bounce between client calls, emails, and meetings around LA; for instance I’ll have a shoot at Moon Juice, meeting at Ritual HQ, 2-3 client touchbase calls, and an influencer appointment at Heyday. I do my best to leave the office around 5pm in order to finish working from my couch with my boyfriend and our dog; then typically have an event or dinner to cap off the night.

What is your favourite part about working in this industry?

So many things. First, I work with the coolest people! From the founders of my favorite disruptive brands, to talented editors and writers, and the influencers who are innovating the social media game, I have a front row seat and hand in dictating the future of the industry, what trends for consumers, and ultimately what they covet and purchase.
Second, no day is the same. Sometimes I’ll be working from home in my sweats, other days I’m staffing a taping, meeting people for coffee, and grabbing dinner and drinks with editors, it’s never the same.

What are three platforms, apps or products vital to your day?  

Ugh can I be predictable here and say Instagram is number 1? I live and breathe by IG, and I’m honestly scared by the new capability they just debuted to track and limit your time spent on the app.
Beyond that, I’ve been loving listening to the New York Times Daily Podcast on the way to the office. It keeps me up to date on what’s happening in the world and expertly translates what is otherwise convoluted political jargon into digestible 30 minute episodes.
Last thing is Kopari’s Coconut Lip Glossy. I have these hidden everywhere – by my bed, one in my bag, another in my car, and one at my desk. I apply a tiny amount so it’s more of a balm on me than a gloss, but nothing works to soften my lips and plump them up like this guy. 

Favourite lunch or healthy snack?

Popcorn. If you know me personally, you’re likely well aware of my obsession with popcorn. I’ll have it for a snack, lunch, or even cook up a massive batch for dinner – and toppings are no-holds-barred. I’m loving nutritional yeast and coconut oil at the moment, but also highly recommend salt and vinegar. I make all of my popcorn over the stove rather than the microwave so I like to tell myself it’s a healthier alternative.
If I’m being normal, I’ll go into Sweetgreen (also a client) and mix up a salad with arugula, spinach, and their pickled veggies with burrata. Dead over this combo!

How do you prioritise self-care and your own wellness while excelling in your career?

I’ve made early mornings my “me-time,” and shifted up my hours to set the expectation that while I may be online until 9:30/10pm, I’m out of the office before 6pm. I’ve also come to recognise that I can’t possibly say yes to everything and everyone anymore, and that’s ok!

What have you learned from your mistakes?   

To say sorry less. Everyone screws up and not much is worth stressing over and apologizing for. In fact, most of the time everyone in the room has no idea what they’re doing, they’re just faking it till they make it; so who’s judging?

Any words of advice for women just getting started with a career in PR?

Invest the time in building relationships with people that inspire you – reach out to them letting them know you’re familiar with their work and offer to take them to coffee. People respond really well to genuine compliments and will more often than not offer advice and make an effort to help you, especially if they know you’re hard working, charismatic, and tenacious.

Success is…

Loving your life. Every day doesn’t have to be perfect (sometimes it’s far from it), but so long as you feel challenged, fulfilled, and proud on a regular basis, you’ve made it.

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