How To Create An Insta-Worthy Vegan "Cheese" Board

Because "share" platters can be hard to share.

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There’s something about an overflowing cheese board that makes it hard to resist. Whether it’s the oozing Camembert, the piles of prosciutto or the appeal of crafting the perfect morsel, they’re just so inviting.
But as with any “share” platter, it can be difficult to know how much you’ve devoured, individually. Some people will sit back and have the occasional cracker while others (read: most of us) start cutting into the brie mid-mouthful.
If you’re the latter—and you’re entertaining—you may want to create a healthy antipasto platter to reduce temptation and prevent the inevitable salami sweats…and regrets. One way to do this is to construct a board that’s vegan-friendly. It eliminates the processed meats and cheese and is accommodating to everyone.
You will need:

  • Large serving board
  • Small serving bowls
  • Cheese knives
  • 2-3 healthy dips
  • Fresh and dried fruit
  • Vegetables and crackers
  • Nuts
  • And more…

Find the perfect board

Before you buy just any old cheese board, recognise that this is an investment. Not only will it provide the anchor for social engagements, it’ll be a vital piece of décor in your stylish kitchen. In fact, don’t limit yourself to just one, it’s handy to have a range of shapes and sizes.
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Lay down a bed of arugula

Before you begin, sprinkle a layer of arugula across the board. This is particularly important when using a wooden base to prevent the ingredients from seeping into it and leaving stains. Visually, it allows for a hint of green and helps create balance by closing off empty spaces.

Fill your bowls

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Choose two to four bowls (depending on the size of your serving platter) and space them out across the board. Do not try to create symmetry. The key to any Instagramable display is letting the placement flow organically. You may want to choose bowls of varying styles and sizes.
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Fill the bowls with healthy dips and other antipasto foods. You could have olives, make a salsa or sauerkraut, or even add a quince paste or chia jam. Get creative and remember there is no right and wrong. When it comes to dips, hummus is always a great choice, a beetroot or carrot dip will add a pop of colour and if you’re less confident, guacamole is a crowd-pleaser.
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Add vegetable sticks and crackers.

To give your guests a healthy option, add vegetable sticks as well as (or instead of) crackers. Great options include carrot, cucumber and celery but even raw capsicum or beans can work. If you have gluten-intolerant guests, be mindful when choosing crackers. You may want to opt for corn chips or even make your own.
When displaying the crackers and sticks, disperse them across two areas near the dips, as shown above. Don’t try to put too many on the board, you can always top them up as you see fit.
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Try a vegan cheese

You can still have “cheese” on a vegan board. In fact, we highly advise you do to add texture. Opt for a dairy-free nut cheese or make your own.
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Fill the gaps with bundles of fruit

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If you’re going vegan, instead of piling up prosciutto, use fresh and dried fruit. Create small bundles and spread them across the board. Some great options for taste and colour include strawberries, grapes (of all colours), dates and figs. Keep your grapes on the vine and strawberries whole but figs can be cut into two to make them easier to eat and more visually appealing.

Go nuts

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Finish it off with a splattering of nuts, blueberries or even a few rows of vegan-approved dark chocolate. Don’t worry about your placement, sprinkle them across the board for a more rustic feel, just try to avoid landing them in the dips!
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