How To Get Maximum Enjoyment Out Of Christmas If You’re Pregnant

You and bump will have the best festive season yet!

pregnant during christmas
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While the festive season has come to be synonymous with food, alcohol and partying—you don’t have to miss out on all of the fun just because you’re growing a tiny little human.

Plus, this Christmas will be your last without said human, and if it’s your first child, Christmases will henceforth be transformed forever. While it might not be the usual Chrissy you know and love, there’s no reason it can’t be the best one yet.

Here’s how to get maximum enjoyment out of Yuletide even if you’re preggo:

Be social on your terms

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Although you won’t be knocking back the cocktails and champers at Christmas parties this year, that doesn’t mean you have to miss out altogether. Instead of arranging a rosé-fuelled soiree with your girlfriends this year, why not suggest something that doesn’t revolve around alcohol? Your health-conscious friends will probably thank you. Suggest a Christmas market day, or a brunch, or a fun activity you can all do together—it’ll be super memorable because it’s different!

Don’t overcommit

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While pre-pregnancy you may have snapped up every available invite for parties, dinners and drinks gatherings, know your limits this Christmas. If you honestly feel up to attending all of the events, go for it—but if you don’t, make sure you honour your feelings. People will understand (and yes, “I’m pregnant” is a viable excuse).

Enjoy quality downtime

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On the subject of not over-committing, it’s the golden opportunity to soak in some much-needed serenity and peace. While Christmases are often a lot more fun when there are little ones around basking in the magic and wonder of the festive season, they’re definitely not as quiet and peaceful as adult-only Christmas days—so make the most of this one before things change forever.

Make new traditions

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As this will be your last Christmas without a small to entertain, mark the occasion by starting a new tradition that your little family can do each year that’s personal to you. It might be some sort of baking, buying a new decoration for the tree each year or spending Christmas eve on the sofa with a Christmas movie marathon; but whatever it is will bring you joy for years to come.

Watch what you eat

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While we’re not here to tell you that all festive fayre is off limits, general pregnancy rules still apply even at Christmas. Avoid or limit alcohol (the choice is yours although professionals do recommend steering clear altogether), avoid cold cooked meat, pre-made salads that you’re not sure are fresh, soft cheeses, raw fish and make sure you’re still drinking a sh*t load of water and taking a prenatal vitamin. The rest is up to you!

Accept help

Wrapped gifts with mistletoe decorations.
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‘Cause sister, you’re gonna need to get used to it. Accepting help is such a crucial part of raising a baby, so why not get some extra practice in this Christmas? Don’t take on too much, and if someone’s offering to do your Christmas shopping, present wrapping or your share of the Christmas lunch preparation—take them up on it. It takes a village, after all.

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