How To Find The Right Swimsuit For Your Shape

Flaunt your best assets.

We all come in different shapes and sizes. And squeezing those various shapes and sizes into various bikinis can be difficult—and sometimes downright embarrassing.
But feeling sexy in our swimsuit is a must. All too often our swimwear choice is about hiding something—a gut, small breasts, a flabby bottom. But if we learnt anything from Aunty Gok, it’s that feeling good naked—which in a bikini we basically are—is about working with what we’ve got. And the first step? Dressing for your shape.

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So to help you feel confident when you’re baring all at the beach, we turned to the experts at Surfstitch who’ve developed a foolproof, waterproof guide to feeling good in your trunks. Here’s what it has to say.

How To Choose The Best Bikini For Your Body


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Often mistaken for a 12-year-old girl? Then this is you. You have a slight frame—small hips and a small waist. You’re fairly straight and lack any real curves.
What to look for: Try to find swimwear that will elongate the body and create the illusion of a shapely figure. This can be achieved by wearing a solid-coloured bottom with a patterned top or choosing a one-piece with cut-outs around the waist. Swimwear designs that use vertical stripes can also help you to look longer in the body.

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solid and striped the thea top, solid and striped the thea bottom

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You were built to shake it, just like Beyonce. You’re womanly—full hips and a larger than average bust—and it’s time to flaunt it.
What to look for: According to Surfstitch swimwear experts, you should focus on the shape of your swimwear, rather than the print. Opt for vintage styles, which are perfect for showing off your curves and don’t try to hide your figure with layers or frills as these will do the opposite by drawing attention to those areas. Highlight your bustline and even out your shape with a sweetheart neckline.

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Big Bust

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Top heavy? Lucky you. Big busts can look great in a bikini if you choose the right one but if you don’t, they’ll look great out of it to every sunbather on the beach.
What to look for: For the girls with big girls, support is key. Go for underwire styles, molded cups, and halter tops with thick straps and avoid string bikinis if you want to stay concealed. Get the perfect fit with styles that can be tied around the neck and back. If you want to shift the attention away from your chest, steer clear of styles with ruffles or embellishments up top. Bikini bottoms with frills will help balance out your shape.

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Zulu and zephyr oasis bra cup bikini

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Small Bust

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Want to make your mosquito bites look like juicy, juicy mangoes? Or perhaps you’re not fussed. Either way, this is what the guide suggests could work for you.
What to look for: If you want to give the illusion of a fuller chest, try bikinis with ruffles, bandeaus with ruching near the bustline, or one-pieces with creative cutouts. Pushup-style tops with molded cups can also work to give you a little somethin’ somethin’ but avoid underwire styles without padding as they’ll only draw attention to your lack-there-of. The good news? You don’t require as much support as those who are more well-endowed, so be adventurous with different shapes and try styles with less coverage.

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You didn’t do all those squats for nothing. Athletic builds tend to be more straight up-and-down so go for styles that will flaunt your figure.
What to look for: To create the illusion of a shapelier figure, opt for styles with less coverage, particularly in the derrière. Triangle tops and tie-side bottoms will accentuate your shape and bold prints, detailing can create the appearance of curves. Avoid bandeau-style tops as they will make you appear flatter than you are.

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