How to create a beautiful flower arrangement at home

A florist shares her top tips and tricks.

It’s no secret that flower arrangements inject colour, personality, and style into every home and office space. But, unfortunately, most of us don’t have the time or the money to visit a florist every week. Since this is a common problem that many have to deal with, I decided to get some expert advice from a pro.
Here, florist Vicki Kerr shares her top tips and tricks for styling an Instagram-worthy flower arrangement at home.

How to arrange flowers like a pro

Choose a vase wisely

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Choose a container or vase that you have at home that resonates with you and your style. It might be an antique crystal vase that belonged to your grandmother or a very modern low float bowl.

Avoid too many different colours

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Look for flowers you like, but avoid too many different colours. Some of my favourite flower combinations include:

  • Succulents with softer flowers such as roses and tulips.
  • Flowering gum with red roses.
  • Soft pink peonies with red roses.
  • Any large vase with one variety of flower in the same shade.

Less is more

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Select one larger flower as the focal point of your arrangement to draw your eye in. This could be a fully blown rose from your garden or a cluster of frangipanis. Then add some leaves or other lighter flowers.

Go au natural

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Don’t be afraid for flowers and foliage to flow out of the vase and follow the natural way they fall. Have confidence in what you are creating. It will all fall into place.
Now that you’ve got the styling under control, here’s Vicki’s top tips for making your arrangement last:

  • Always buy fresh flowers that are in-season. And, don’t be afraid to ask if the flowers are market fresh. There is a reason they get up at 4:00am to buy the best market flowers.
  • When you get your flowers home, cut the stems on a slant and put into clean water.
  • Change the water regularly.

Vicki Kerr is the author of Floral Alchemy, which is available for pre-order now. 

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