Meet Croissant, the New Classpass-Style Startup for Coworking Spaces

This will change the way you work.

If variety’s the spice of life, then Croissant is about to make your work life extra flavorful. The new startup is essentially ClassPass for coworking spaces, and a clever new way to work based in some of the chicest office spots in New York, San Francisco, Boston, and Washington DC.
The service is super simple to use: By downloading an app, or booking online through the website, and paying a membership fee (it starts at $39 per month!), you can access spaces across the four cities. Once you book a desk through Croissant, simply check in when you arrive, and then get straight to work. Clever, isn’t it?
I started using the service myself about three months ago, and fell in love with the locations across the Financial District and Soho in New York. As a freelancer, it offers me the flexibility to pop into an office space anywhere in the city (and any time – access is mostly 24/7!), depending on where I have appointments and meetings. Convenient! I have personally become particularly keen on The Farm in Soho – thanks to the workspace’s chic-as-hell fit-out, and energetic, buzzy atmosphere – but there are over 50 locations to choose from.
For those of you with questions, keep reading: I chatted with Nisha Garigarn, Croissant cofounder, to find out some of the app’s smartest features, the most affordable membership options, and the not-to-miss coworking spaces available through the service.
If you prefer to stick to the same office location, scroll on anyway as we take a peek inside some of the coolest coworking office spaces around the U.S.
What is Croissant?
Croissant is a passport coworking membership to the best spaces in your city. Members get instant access to 50+ coworking spaces on the go.
How did the founding team meet?
The founding team is myself and three other people. We were all friends from before Croissant. Adam and I met on an online video game five years ago. Dave and Zoltan were former roommates. And Dave, Adam, and I have been to hackathons together. Actually, we were all working on a completely different startup idea before we pivoted to Croissant about a year ago.

"Fueled Collective" coworking space in Soho, New York. Image via Croissant
“Fueled Collective” coworking space in Soho, New York. Image via Croissant

How did you come up with the idea for Croissant?
Back in the day, the four of us were working on a completely different startup. We could never find a good place to do work together in the city. We were frustrated with coffee shops (crowded, uncomfortable, and overall just not ideal for productivity) but at the same time did not want to spend hundreds of dollars per person at a coworking space that we just wanted to use 1-2 times a week. We wanted to create a flexible way to do work around New York City.
Which are the must-visit locations available on Croissant?
It’s hard to pick favorites! All the locations have their own unique vibe, and it really depends on my mood for the day and also where I’ll be. For example, if I want an energetic workspace with a kick ass breakfast menu, I’ll head to Rise. If I’m in San Francisco and need a late night workspace, I’ll head to Nomad-a-what. If I want a chic place filled with amazing entrepreneurs, I may head to Fueled Collective. I could go on and on about all the wonderful coworking spaces that we partner with!
How do you book in a space?
Seat availability is available in real time. You can reserve your seat up to an hour in advance. Just select which coworking space you’d like to work from, hold your seat, and it’ll be waiting for you when you arrive!
croissant coworking space
“Primary” coworking space in FiDi, New York. Image via Croissant

Why is it more convenient than simply booking directly through a coworking space?
Croissant is perfect for someone who wants instant access to 50+ coworking spaces. It’s perfect for people who are always on the go, bouncing around the city.
Members tell us they love Croissant; for a lot of people, it’s their first time trying out coworking spaces after feeling the same coffee shop struggle. They are amazed by how easy it is to find workspaces all around the city with Croissant. And our partners love getting new folks coming through the door and experiencing their spaces.
One feature that gets a lot of love from our members is definitely 24/7 access to workspace via electronic lock. Once members become verified, they are granted the ability to unlock certain locations anytime they want. The side-hustlers who want weekend and night access appreciate this feature most!
What is the cost?
There are three membership plans depending on how often you’re going to cowork.
a. $39 gets you 10 hours – for people who cowork a few times a month.
b. $99 gets you 40 hours – for people who cowork a few times a week.
c. $299 gets you unlimited hours – for people who cowork daily.
croissant coworking
“Rough Draft” coworking space in Williamsburg, New York City. Image via Croissant

Can you cancel the membership if you change your mind?
Yes! Upgrading, downgrading, and canceling your membership is super simple.
Where are your spaces right now?
We currently have over 50 locations in New York City, San Francisco, Boston, and Washington DC.

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