cope with being alone
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How to Cope with Being Alone This Thanksgiving

Make the most of your holiday, even if you are not spending it with family.

Being alone this Thanksgiving can be challenging and make you feel sad. This time of year is usually spent in the company of friends, family, and many, many people. Because this year, and more recently in the past few weeks, COVID has gotten exponentially worse, it’s important to stay home and with your immediate household. It can be a little more lonely, but it is for the greater good so we can stop the spread and get the rate of infection down. If you are spending your time alone, we’ve rounded up a few ways to cope with it. Keep reading for more.

cope with being alone
Image: Jennifer Pallian via Unsplash

How To Cope With Being Alone

1) Make the Most of Your Time

Although this time can be difficult, it’s important to know that you’re doing this for the good of the world and your community. By staying home, you are directly helping not cause any more damage. Remember quarantine this past spring? It was hard to do, but you did it so that people did not get sick.

2) Facetime or Zoom With Family and Friends

If you are alone this holiday, you can Facetime or Zoom with your friends and family. Set up some activities, eat dinner together, or watch a movie together on Netflix with their new feature.

3) Make Plans For The Future

Although we cannot really travel right now or look forward to much, we can look forward to one thing and it’s that there is a really, really incredible end to this coming soon. So many new treatments and technologies that will end this pandemic. Plan a trip for next summer or fall when this pandemic will be over. It’ll be an incredible feeling once we can finally travel again.

4) Be Productive

Being productive is a great way to spend the day getting stuff done! Cleaning the house, catching up on work, getting some errands done, and just relaxing is the perfect way to get through this tough time.

5) Get Outdoors

Going outside and spending some time in the fresh air is a great way to pass the time this holiday. Go for a walk, visit a beautiful park, and see something gorgeous! If you live near a place where you can hike, do so! It’s a lovely and meditative experience.

cope with being alone
Image: Ryan Christodoulou via Unsplash

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