how to stretch better
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How An Expert Recommends Everyone Keep Their Body Flexible

We interviewed Stretch Studios to learn more.

There are a lot of studies out there regarding flexibility training when it comes to keeping your body flexible: when to implement certain types of stretching, what intensity to stretch at, what physiological effects stretching has, the list goes on. A while we love staying up to date on it all, for most people staying flexible really comes down to three main things: daily movement you get in to ensure your body stays active, a good level of hydration to stay robust and keep your body moisturized, and your sleep position as well as the quality of your sleep. We here at AModrn interviewed the experts at Stretch Studios to tell us more about exactly what each of these pillars means to them, as well as their recommendations for getting all of them done. The flexologists at Stretch Studios are experts in stretching your body in a safe and effective way. 

A flexologist will work within your limits and is trained to match the resistance of your body and muscles. They are able to ensure you are able to stretch within a safe environment to your body, ensuring you dont ‘overdo it’. The flexologist will also be able to educate you on your mobility range and provide tips on how to keep your stretching up. Keep reading for more!
how to stretch
Image: Courtesy of Kari Shea via Unsplash

How An Expert Recommends Everyone Keep Their Body Flexible

1) Get in some movement, at least once a day

The human body loves repetition. The more consistent we are the better we adapt. It goes without saying that regular stretching/flexibility training is the best method to maintaining a flexible body, but even certain movements in the gym, yoga and pilates can all help. The main thing is that you’re moving each joint through its full range of motion on a very regular basis. 

2) Your hydration levels are super important

There isn’t a single system in the human body that doesn’t require water. Every organ requires water to function and our musculoskeletal system is no different. Water helps form the structures of protein and glycogen, so in order to have good muscle elasticity, you need water. If your body is dehydrated, your muscles will be deprived of electrolytes, decreasing their ability to extend and contract, and increasing the chances of cramping. We recommend getting at least eight glasses in per day, but it’s important to track how your body is feeling and your urine color (clear or close to it is best, dark yellow indicates dehydration). Watch out for signs of dehydration as well — that could be a headache, sore muscles, oily or dry hair and skin, and being achy. 

Water also helps keep joint lubricated, because your joints are made of synovial fluid. Not having enough synovial fluid in your joints can cause stiffness and tension. So hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! We want you to be able to move better!

3) It all depends on your sleep position and don’t skimp on the quality of your sleep either

We have all experienced the discomfort that finds us in the morning after we have slept in the wrong position for too long that night. Often after an hour or two of getting into your day that tension will go away, sometimes it may stay for longer, but this is definitively something you want to get a handle on and not keep repeating. Finding the right sleep position for you as well as the right duration of sleep: not too little and not too long (just like the Goldilocks principle we were taught as kids) is the key to keeping tightness and tension away. You can definitely see the difference in the way you stretch and how your body feels after a good night’s sleep. 

Meet Our Experts:

During your treatment at Stretch Studios, a trained Flexologist will guide your body into deeper stretches than you would be able to do on your own. When someone else is doing the work, your body can fully relax and your muscles can open with more ease. Our training allows us to educate, guide, and help our clients achieve greater flexibility with a personalized and safe stretch treatment. Their flexologists are certified trained to work in our studios. We are a team of Personal Trainers, Yoga Teachers, Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers with a passion for Health and Wellness. A background in the above is a pre-requisite to be hired. All of our Flexologists go through an in-house Flexology Certification Program designed and facilitated by a Doctor and Integrative Therapist

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