Home and Away's Cassie Howarth shares her approach to exercise, health & fitness

For almost three years, Australia has come to know Cassie Howarth as one of Home And Away’s most loved characters, Hannah Wilson. Growing up on the Central Coast, just north of Sydney, Cassie is a beach girl at heart and trained as a dancer for many years. While her filming schedule is incredibly busy, heath and fitness remain an important part of her lifestyle.
Over the past 18 months, Cassie has been training with one of Sydney’s most in demand and respected trainers, Ben Lucus. Alongside Kate Kendall, Ben is the Co Founder and Director of Flow Athletic, a high-end training studio based in Paddington that offers a range of yoga, TRX, spin classes and personal training programs in an innovative, stylish space.
I recently joined Cassie and Ben during a training session at Flow Athletic where they shared some insights on their approach to exercise, health and fitness.

Training with Cassie Howarth and Ben Lucas at Flow Athletic

Cassie Howarth, Ben Lucas, Flow Athletic


What are your favourite ways of keeping fit?
I just like to keep changing it so I don’t get too used the same thing. I love working with my trainer Ben, doing the Barre classes at Flow Athletic and dance classes.
What makes a workout really enjoyable for you?
When I’m learning something new and pushing my body in a way its not used to, that’s why it’s a privilege to have a great trainer. Also, dance classes are fantastic because I never feel like I am working out. In a dance class you learn a combination of steps so your mind is focused on technique and the music beats, it makes working out so enjoyable.
What active wear brands do you enjoy working out in?
I’m not fixed to any brand, it’s about what’s comfortable and what I can still feel remotely attractive in when I’m sweating and red faced! Lately I’ve loved the leggings from 2XU as well as some of the latest Adidas by Stella Mccartney and YY Active.
Cassie Howarth, Ben Lucas, Flow Athletic


How would you describe the Flow Athletic approach to training and fitness?
We consider Flow Athletic to be a balanced and complete workout that incorporates Strength training, Yoga and Cardio work.
What are some of the exercises that make up the training you do with Cassie?
Cassie come from a dancers background, she is very athletic and has a great body awareness. So we can do some quite advanced, skilled movements. Things like one leg deadlifts, barbell squats and TRX core work.
What is your number one tip for staying motivated and on track with a training program?
Schedule your workout in your diary like any other non-negotiable appointment. You wouldn’t stand-up a client, so don’t miss the appointment with yourself.
Cassie Howarth, Ben Lucas, Flow Athletic

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