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Here Are the Top 5 Oils to Use with Your Gua Sha 

From jojoba oil to almond oil.

One of the greatest feelings in the morning or right before your sleep is running a crystal Gua Sha across your face and neck. Gua Sha’s are known to promote blood flow, lymphatic drainage and reduce the appearance of puffiness and fine lines. Whilst it works well on its own, there are many benefits of using certain oils on your Gu Sha for an extra boost. Here are 5 unique oils to try on your skin the next time you use your Gua Sha.

Image: Angelica Echeverry via Unsplash

Here Are the Top 5 Oils to Use with Your Gua Sha

1) Rosehip Oil

Known as one of the purest ingredients, Rosehip Oil offers hydration, prevention of pigmentation, sun damage and even scarring. Covering most skin concerns, ensuring you are using a certified organic product such as this oil from RosehipPlus will ensure that you are using the purest of ingredients on your skin.

2) Jojoba Oil

Known for its healing benefits, jojoba oil specializes in antibacterial properties that can assist with the amount of sebum our skin produces. For those with oiler skin, this oil might be a great addition to your Gua Sha routine with the added benefits of collagen stimulation.

3) Almond Oil 

Typically known for its hydrating benefits, almond oil is particularly helpful on our faces for puffiness and assisting with the reduction of under-eye circles. Although it’s commonly used as a body oil more so, almond oil has also shown to assist with acne prone skin types so for those with acne and dryness concerns, this might just be the oil for you!

4) Coconut Oil 

Whilst coconut oil usually belongs in our hair to help it stay silky and smooth, its actually a wonderfully beneficial oil for our skin too. Using coconut oil on your Gu Sha can help protect the skin against any environmental damages, hydration and even lightening of mild pigmentation.

5) Lavender Oil 

Lavender oil might just be your new night time favorite for your Gua Sha routine. Known for its relaxing components, lavender oil might not only assist your sleeps however can also promote the healing of scares and acne. Also known to kill bacteria, this all round oil will add a particularly calming effect to your Gu Sha routine.

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