Healthy Pasta Substitutes For When You Feel Like Pasta But Don't Want To Eat Pasta

Because, pasta.

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Ask anyone what their favourite food is and you can almost bet that pasta is up there somewhere with pizza and a good burger. But there are many reasons people opt away from eating it—whether that be because they are gluten-intolerant, trying to cut down on carbs or shed a few kgs.
Regardless, you kinda have to admit that a life without pasta basically sucks (and I’m not just saying that because I’m Italian). Eating pasta comes with its own set of satisfaction—the sauce, the texture, the fact that is pairs oh-so well with wine; which is why, with the help of accredited practicing dietitian, Chloe McLeod, we’re bringing you some alternatives that come pretty close to the real deal so you don’t feel like you’re missing out on the good stuff.

Legume-based pasta

“Whether it’s chickpea penne, black bean spaghetti or lentil tagliatelle, legume based pastas are fab as they cook quickly,” says Chloe. “They also have great texture and are also rich in protein and fibre.” Chloe loves the Eco Organics range and Slendier also has a great variety of gluten-free, low carb pasta options including edamame bean spaghetti which will honestly trick your brain and taste buds. Pair with a healthy tomato-based sauce and we promise it’ll be worth it.

Konjac noodles

“These noodles are low calorie (less than 28g per serve), rich in fibre and free from gluten,” says Chloe. Looking for a good one? Chloe recommends Zen Ramen—they are dried (rather than stored in liquid) and have a great texture.

healthy pasta alternative
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Make your own

By making your own pasta, you’re ensuring that you know exactly what’s going in it. Even if it is just flour, eggs and water! However, for those with stomach sensitivities, Chloe has the perfect low FODMAP recipe for you to try. Check it out here.

Veggie noodles

“Zucchini noodles are popular, but you can also make sweet potato or carrot noodles as well,” says Chloe. “I love these as an easy way to up the veggie intake with Bolognese sauce.” Some supermarkets already stock them pre-done for quick and easy meal prep, otherwise you can get spiralling!

healthy pasta alternatives
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Just have pasta

Not going to lie, this is our favourite option yet! “There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a bowl of pasta,” says Chloe. “And if the traditional spag bol is what you feel like, sometimes you just need to listen to your body!”
“Pasta is a great source of carbs and fibre and if you’re being extra good you can always opt for the wholemeal variety.” There are so many different types available in supermarkets now from mainstream brands including San Remo which cater to all different dietary requirements, so you really don’t have to miss out on pasta anymore! As always, everything in moderation.

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