4 Instagram Accounts You Should Follow For Health And Exercise Inspo During Pregnancy

Here's to staying fit and healthy during a transformative period of change!

Two pregnant fitness influencers .
Images: Left: Instagram.com/carlyrowena; Right: Instagram.com/emilyskyefit

As we move towards (and past, and through) our 20s, 30s, pregnancy announcements on social media are becoming more and more common—from family, friends and, of course, the influencer community. 

While you should always listen to your own body and consult with your own team of healthcare professionals whilst pregnant, it can also be fun to see what other people are up to, and how other future mamas-to-be are staying healthy during such a tumultuous time. Here are 4 influencers you should follow for health and exercise tips during pregnancy:

health and fitness pregnancy tips
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1. Carly Rowena

Currently just over 7 months pregnant, @carlyrowena is a fitness influencer that hasn’t let pregnancy deter her from her health and fitness routine. On her Instagram and YouTube channel, you’ll find tips on maintaining healthy eating, moving your body during pregnancy and also on being kind to your body whilst it undergoes such a huge physical and mental change.

On her passion for Crossfit, she writes that “nowadays, my challenges are slightly different. My goals of handstand walks and muscle-ups will have to wait until little one arrives but that doesn’t mean I can’t still move my body and sweat my way through an incredible workout. I want to be a voice to those of you who feel you need to stop moving for fear it will cause damage to your baby or because others pressure you into losing your confidence. Let’s keep moving and smiling through the most incredible journey the female body can undertake!”

Can we get an #AMEN to that?

2. Sarah’s Day

Only 15 weeks pregnant with a whole journey ahead of her; @sarahsday is definitely one to follow if you’re also in the early stages of pregnancy. A Amodrn influencer fave, we love Sarah for her zingy, down-to-earth personality, relatability, and realistic health and fitness advice—and we don’t think that’ll be changing now that she’s preggers!


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Hamster size baby today 🐹🤰🏼 HAPPY 15 WEEKS PREGGY TO ME! Ok let’s smash through a super quick life, body and fitness update… – still training 5x a week – reduced duration and intensity of my sessions – integrating much more diverse workouts into my routine and currently LOVING 6km walks, Pilates, resistance band work, boxing and modified eBook Workouts – eating cleaner and cleaner every day as my nausea subsides – eating LOADS of food and trying get in some protein with every main meal – craving sweets mostly like loving earth choc covered almonds, but also salty popcorn – skin is kind of clearing up but my perioral dermatitis is still flared up – feeling the most confident I have ever felt with my body – loving being pregnant and can’t concentrate on anything because I’m too excited about everything – feeling SO happy and content with my growing bump #15weekspregnant #babybump #bumpdate

A post shared by Sarah (@sarahs_day) on Sep 30, 2018 at 11:15pm PDT

She’s already said that she’s going to maintain as active a lifestyle as possible during pregnancy, so stay tuned with her to see how she makes that happen and pick up some tips and tricks along the way!

3. Emily Skye Fitness


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It’s easy to get caught up in life & spend your days being serious all the time. It gets monotonous, boring & before we know it we’ve lost our spark for life. Here are some simple things that might help you feel happier: . 1. Give someone a compliment – it can be as simple as telling someone they look pretty, you like their top, or drawing attention to their positive attitude – it has the ability to make someone smile & literally make their day. In turn you’ll feel amazing – try it, it works & it’s free! 😊 . 2. Focus on the positives in your life & the things you already have & appreciate them. What you focus your energy on is usually what you get more of & if you don’t appreciate what you already have then how do you expect to have anything more in life? How you think affects how you feel & if you’re constantly thinking negative thoughts or focusing on the things you don’t have then chances are you’ll feel unhappy & have a sense of emptiness inside. . 3. Watch a funny movie or have some jokes with friends – Laughter is the best medicine. We take life so seriously & sometimes we just need to have a good laugh. It’s amazing how much better you feel! . 4. Cut yourself some slack – Look at all the things you have achieved in life & be proud of yourself. If you never feel proud then what’s the point? How do you expect to continue if you don’t ever tell yourself “you did a good job”? . 5. Live in the moment – Take your day one step at a time. Focus on the task you are doing & just do it. Do not be somewhere else thinking of a million other things you could be doing. Just be in the ‘now’. If you’re walking down the road to work, notice the trees, flowers, other people, the birds & the fresh air – it will make you feel a lot more relaxed & in the moment. If you’re having coffee with your partner or a friend put your phone away & give them your undivided attention. Human connection & interaction is amazing & so healthy for us. So many of us don’t spend enough time doing it because we’re so caught up with work, on our phones & computers all the time. The real connection & the real “living in the moment” is all that is around us – people, nature, & animals. .

A post shared by EMILY SKYE (@emilyskyefit) on Oct 6, 2017 at 6:50pm PDT

Ok ok so she’s not technically currently pregnant, but she’s still an invaluable resource for women who want to maintain a workout routine whilst growing small humans. Her workout videos on @emilyskyefitness span pre, during and post pregnancy, meaning she’s got you covered for every part of the process. And if you do a cheeky scroll back, her images on @emilyskyefit (so many accounts!) are an inspiring testament to putting health and wellbeing at the forefront of your mind during pregnancy. 

4. Erica Ziel—Knocked Up Fitness

Designed specifically to prepare your body for pregnancy, birth and postpartum recovery, the Knocked Up Fitness program will equip you with the knowledge of how to properly strengthen your core, improve how you feel physically and emotionally, boost your confidence, prepare your body for birth, have a speedier delivery (which means less stress on baby), and easier recovery postpartum!

Founded by Erica Ziel, the @knockedupfitness Instagram account is a great destination for mamas-to-be for holistic health and fitness tips that cover everything from core strength and slowing down whilst pregnant to general pregnancy facts and mental health advice.

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