How I Healed Myself From Disease—And You Can, Too

Katherine Riley
via @dailyharvest

As an intuitive healer specializing in digestive and body consciousness rehab, it’s hard to imagine there was ever a time when I wasn’t aware of what was happening in my mind and body. Although I do transformational healing with women all over the globe, leading workshops, certification programs, and one-on-one mentorship, I wasn’t always healthy or free of pain.
I spent seven years studying nutrition, psychology, leadership, and communication theory, yet continued to struggle with social situations, communicating from a place of power, boundaries, energy, restrictive diets, and medication! It wasn’t until I recognized I was ready for change and that readiness was immense enough for me to invest in a support system—a healer like me—that I was able to free myself from disease!

Growing up, I was always a happy kid—full of energy, excitement, and zest for life. It came as a surprise when I grew into an angry, unhappy, frustrated adult. At the time it didn’t make much sense. I was dating the love of my life, I was doing well in school, and my career looked bright! I thought I had everything I wanted and didn’t understand why my body wasn’t listening to my mind. I recall saying “I’m not stressed! Why is this happening to me?”
I spent years trying to fix my body, establishing strict restrictive diets, exercising harder than I ever had before, and visiting specialists up and down the coast of California who prescribed countless medications. Yet, despite these efforts, no one could figure out what was wrong with me and my symptoms continued to get worse. I then dedicated the better part of the next decade to finding some relief or remnants of an explanation. Through the study of human communication, psychology, and nutrition, an expansive understanding of our humanness became more clear. It all began to make sense when I took my first psychology class—Bio Psychology—where we began to understand the interconnection between the minds, the body, and our lifestyles. Towards the end of my studies, I hit my lowest point. I had all this knowledge, all this understanding, yet I was so sick that I ran out of “safe” foods to eat, I battled anxiety towards food, avoided social situations and began ostracizing myself from friends.
Shortly thereafter, I was diagnosed with a digestive disorder. The disease was called ulcerative colitis, which described my colon as covered with open ulcers covering my entire colon. I was sentenced to life with an inflamed colon since my own antibodies were attacking my own body, yet I was unwilling to accept this truth. It made no sense how my body all of a sudden decided to fight itself, until I met my first mentor.
Reiki Master, Theta Healer, and owner of Body Wellness Company, Fiona Rose was the first mentor to jump-start my healing journey. Let it be known, I come from a long line of Western physicians, yet in many ways Western Medicine was unable to offer any relief until my lifestyle became unmanageable. I recognized this pattern as reactive and insufficient for the lifestyle of Freedom I was striving for. So, you can imagine my astonishment when I slowly began to have moments without pain! After five months into the six month program with her, I was retested. To this day, I remember the scene like it was yesterday. I was on a roadtrip up the West Coast of the US and had missed a call from my fourth gastroenterologist… I still have the voicemail saved as the words still bring so much joy to my life: “Katherine, I just wanted to call and let you know your biopsies came back normal!” It was in that moment that I made a decisive choice: rather than ask for advice on how to proceed, I regained my own agency to care for my body. That day, I threw away the medications I’d clung onto in the past, and never looked back.
In my entire healing journey, I’ve had many impeccable mentors. Theta Healers, Reiki Masters, Shamans, Hostage Negotiators, Ayurvedic Practitioners, and Yoga Instructors with decades of experience throughout the world. I’ve dedicated an entire decade of my life to the study of the mind-body connection and have been blessed with such powerful healers to see my potential and help me along my path as a healer. I have now cultivated a way to share and communicate this powerful transformational process with the world.
The result of this journey are my programs: most notably, a certification program in human energetic consciousness. This is my most popular program that is geared towards those who are ready to understand themselves, deepen their understanding of self, and begin living their purpose wholeheartedly. Specifically geared towards getting past feelings of being “stuck,” releasing trauma, healing pain, or aligning your lifestyle with your physical body, and becoming your very own practitioner. Focused on bringing the power back into your own mind, your own body, and your own lifestyle. At the end of the certification you will have every tool that I have; my aim is that you will no longer need me, but rather have all the tools to lead your own life through future transformations!

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