These Headphones Claim To Improve Your Gym Performance By Stimulating Your Brain

Image: Instagram @haloneuroscience

Remember when the only headphones on the market were those clunky, over-ear ones with a mile-long cord you would plug into your discman? In a time where stylish wireless headphones reign supreme, it feels like a hundred years ago. Like all technology, headphones just keep getting smarter and smarter. But now, it would appear we’ve reached peak science, because US company Halo Neuroscience have released headphones that claim to improve your workout by literally changing your brain.
‘Whaaaaaattt, how is that even possible!?’ you may think. We know, it sounds more than a little farfetched — but the science is there. According to their website, the Halo Sport is the “first headset that stimulates the part of your brain responsible for muscle movement.”  The headphones use neuropriming technology to send electric signals to your brain that stimulate the motor cortex, the part of your brain that controls movement.
In doing so, they’re said to accelerate the development of muscle memory. Read: you pick up new skills — whether it’s a tricky workout move in the gym or learning an instrument — more quickly. And, obviously, the stronger the connection between your mind and muscles, the better you perform. According to Halo Neuroscience, this is backed up by decades of academic research and thousands of hours of in-house studies.

Couple this research with the fact that the headphones have been developed by a team of doctors, neuroscientists, engineers and designers and you start to wonder if these headphones are the future of fitness. So far, the testimonials are certainly in their favour, with athletes, musicians and gym-goers claiming it has improved their focus, performance and endurance.
Like me, you may be wondering how the headphones would work in a group exercise setting (personally, I rather fancy the idea of them making me the best dancer in my dance class!) Turns out, you don’t actually have to wear the headphones when you train — you just wear them for 20 minutes before your session. That said, they do also work as normal headphones you can play your music through.

So, what’s the catch? Well, without trying them first hand, we can’t say for sure whether they work. Plus, they come with a pretty hefty price tag — $599 USD to be exact. Unless you happen to be training for the Olympics, that may be a little difficult for the average person to justify. However, they do offer payment plans for customers within the US.
You can learn more about Halo Neuroscience here.

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