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Rebecca Fairbrother is the creator of Well Aware – London’s first health and wellbeing concierge service. The business has been built upon the philosophy that optimum health and wellbeing coupled with meaningful experiences are central to living a long, happy and fulfilled life. Here Rebecca shares with us her inspiration for starting Well Aware, how the service works and what her ultimate day of health and wellness in London entails. 

Meet Rebecca Fairbrother, founder of Well Aware

Can you give us an overview of your background? What inspired you to start Well Aware?

I had always been interested in health and fitness but only used to do it as a hobby. It was after I arrived back to London after a 3-month sabbatical in New York that I noticed a massive change in our approach to health, fitness and wellbeing, even in the short time I was away. Having worked in the city myself where I was extremely time-poor and frequently stressed, I knew I wanted to provide a solution for people – a one-stop shop for all their health, fitness and wellbeing needs that was convenient and would slot into their busy schedules.

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What exactly is a “wellness concierge” service and how does this work for clients visiting London?

Well Aware is London’s first wellness concierge which means that we provide time-saving health, fitness and wellbeing solutions, on demand for our clients, at convenient locations across London. With regards to international clients visiting London, we have designed our ‘Jet, Sweat and Reset’ package with these people in mind. It features some relaxation and pampering, nutrition and exercise, to ensure you can get over jetlag as quickly as possible, load up on nutrients and still keep your fitness up while in town.

What are some of the most requested packages or services you have on offer?

‘Kickstarter’ is really popular as it enables people to try out our services and get a feel for the sorts of things they enjoy. As everyone is so different and has unique needs and goals, our bespoke offering is probably the most requested as it is completely tailored to the individual.

What would your ultimate “health and wellness” day out in London involve?

Great question! For me, it would start with a sweaty workout at F45 in London Bridge then breakfast at The Detox Kitchen in Fitzrovia then onto Pfeffer Sal (also in Fitzrovia) for one of their signature facials, which are incredible! I would then make my way to Hyde Park for a walk before a long relaxing lunch at Farmacy, the incredible new vegan restaurant in Notting Hill. I would then end my day with a private yoga class with my good friend, Laura Clegg and then a massage with USPAAH, the mobile spa app – dreamy or what?!

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Tell us about the new online workout – Long & Lean – you have created with Georgie Spurling?

Well Aware have teamed up with Georgie Spurling, one of London’s top PTs to create a 20-minute, full body workout using only your bodyweight and a resistance band. Used by the likes of Iza Goulart, Millie Mackintosh and Tiffany Watson, resistance bands are the go-to piece of workout kit as they challenge your body, improve your strength as well as being easy to carry around.
We have designed this workout with busy city executives and business travellers in mind, as it’s perfect for those occasions when life takes over and you might have to skip the gym or miss a workout and can be done in the comfort of your own home. We also wanted to make a personal training session with an expert (it costs nearly £100 an hour to train with Georgie) affordable and accessible to everyone. Personal training may be a luxury but at Well Aware we believe that good health and wellbeing shouldn’t be.

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What are your aspirations for the business moving forward?

I would love for Well Aware to be the go-to place for people’s health, fitness and wellbeing needs. Whether they are travelling to London or permanently residing here, I want people to think, ‘I need to speak to Well Aware, they will have the solution.’ Once we have achieved this in London, the plan is to roll out in other cities around the world.

What advice do you have for anyone looking to create their own business in the health and wellness space?

Absorb as much information from other people as you can. Not only will it help you drive your business forward, it will also restore your faith in humanity as you’d be surprised how giving people are of their time.

What is your ultimate health and wellness indulgence?

Sports massages! I love working hard and training hard which can leave your body crying out for some much needed rest and relaxation. I always find a good sports massage sorts out any niggles my body might have.

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