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Have You Tried Hardballing? We Investigate This New Dating Trend

It's not what you think!

Dating terms we here nowadays are added to our vocabulary at will, and often. There’s ghosting that we all know about, paper-clipping (when you string someone along purposely in case your number one option ghosts you), and way more than we cannot even recall. On top of that, we’re now dating in a world that’s been struck by a pandemic for the past year and a half. While these all seem bad, there’s one that we’re actually a pretty big fan of, and it’s called hardballing. According to InStyle, it’s a “new dating trend that puts you back in control while keeping open and honest communication with any potential partners.” We did some research to find out about this dating term. Keep reading for more!

Image: Graham Mansfield via Unsplash

What is Hardballing?

Hardballing is taking control of your dating life. It’s knowing what you want from your romantic life and owning it. This is speaking and communicating with any potential partners so you can live up to your potential. It’s knowing that all these dating games from the past are pointless and don’t serve any purpose. If both parties are looking for a hook-up, this should be known. When you’re looking for a long-term partner, this should be known. If someone starts to catch feelings, you alert the person. Hardballing is basically what dating should’ve been a long time ago.

Image: Graham Mansfield via Unsplash

What Are Its Benefits?

This dating trend helps you avoid unwanted anxiety and stress. Hardballing is something that’s meant to help avoid hurt feelings. The other person in the relationship is being honest with you about their feelings. Just be sure you’re communicating in a kind way and not coming off as rude. This can also be painful to those on the receiving end of hardballing. So what do you say, do you want to try hardballing?


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