Gwyneth Paltrow launches non-toxic makeup line with Juice Beauty

Actress, Goop founder, healthy cookbook author, and fitness aficionado Gwyneth Paltrow can now add non-toxic beauty guru to her resume, as the creative director (and investor) of the new organic and vegan Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Color collection, which debuts today.
Founded by Karen Behnke, Juice Beauty an eco-friendly natural beauty brand that swaps common harmful ingredients for soothing botanicals, is a match made in heaven for Paltrow.
“The company is kind of my dream, in terms of alignment,” Paltrow told Byrdie. “I feel so invested not only financially, but because I really believe in what Karen [Behnke] is doing for the sustainability of the planet for our kids.”
Behnke feels the same about Paltrow, saying that the two were a natural fit because of their shared values. “We both wanted luxurious makeup products, but without any of the potentially toxic ingredients,” Behnke says. “Additionally, Gwyneth really wanted to develop products that had conventional chemical wear, application, and vibrancy—not just the typical sheer natural products.”
And the makeup line achieves just that. The Phyto-Pigments Color collection boasts 78 pieces in total, offering a range of colourful, plant-derived products, including satin-like lip crayons inspired by Paltrow’s favourite beaches, creamy concealers, pigmented eyeshadows, liquid foundation and more, with price points from as little as $20 to $60.
“We’re living in an age where we’re all becoming more and more aware of the link between what we’re ingesting and adverse effects on our health,” Paltrow adds. “Ten or 15 years ago with organic food, people didn’t understand it, and now we have this mass movement. People are really understanding now how absorbent an organ the skin is—how when we put toxic chemicals on our skin, that it’s not good for you.”

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