This Airport Is Getting A Private Yoga Room So You Can Zen Out Before Takeoff

Delayed flights. Lost baggage. Long lines through security. It’s no shock that traveling through airports causes enough stress and frustration to knock us off our usual mindfulness routine. But one airport is about to ensure you travel in peace. Enter: Yoga on the Fly.
Launching November 6 at Denver International Airport in Colorado, Yoga on the Fly is America’s first ever in-airport private yoga and meditation studio. Founded by avid travelers and long-time yoga teachers, Elizabeth Feinstone and Avery Westlund, Yoga on the Fly is giving passengers a place to escape the commuting mayhem and rejuvenate from their time in the air.
Ahead of the launch, we caught up with the co-founders to find out more. Turns out, sitting really is the new smoking but perhaps it’s not such a bad thing as this is one room we will be be visiting.
“We met while teaching yoga on a retreat in Nicaragua and connected over our shared love of travel, and together realized that this joy should not have to be diluted with the stress that flights can take on our bodies and mind,” they tell us. “We began to consider how yoga can be used to not only recuperate from travel but to prevent the physical and mental discomforts of flight before takeoff. From there, Yoga on the Fly was born as a way to prioritize health and wellness en route by offering guided yoga, meditation and breath work in serene, private studios at airports around the world.”

Yoga on the Fly
Image via Yoga on the Fly

And the concept is as simple and easy as it is genius.
The private mini-studios will include wireless headsets, yoga mats, and iPads with easy-to-follow instructional videos that’ll let you choose specially targeted yoga, mindfulness, or breath sequences.
“We hope that people leave feeling recharged and refreshed, having taken time and space away from the chaos of travel, to breathe and invest in their own wellness,” the co-founders add.
Yoga on the Fly
Image via Yoga on the Fly

So if you have any Denver stops along your next travel route (or are looking for a favorite city to have your next layover), add this to your list of airport activities.
“Denver International Airport is home to a large number of layovers and employs thousands of airport employees, which we saw as an opportunity to impact as many people as possible with the concept,” they added. “Not to mention, Colorado is home to some of the healthiest, most active residents in the U.S.”
Yoga on the Fly
Image via Yoga on the Fly

But fear not, frequent travelers, there will be more cities coming soon.
“We are currently in conversations with additional airports and have plans to open more locations in 2018,” Feinstone and Westlund add. “We look forward to announcing further details!”
For more information, including the menu of classes, head to

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