Five To Die For Alo Yoga Items You Can Score On Sale Right Now

alo yoga

We have to be fully upfront and honest with you and admit that there’s nothing we love more than the comfy, super stylish activewear from Alo Yoga. We could spend our entire days browsing the site, filling our shopping carts with gorgeous clothing for our us, our boyfriends, and our best friends. Catering to any environment, Alo Yoga’s selection is far and wide. Doing your practice on a mountain top in 90 degree weather? There’s a High-Waisted Biker Short for that. In a tranquil cabin upstate, waking up to the rising sun? Fear not, Alo’s got a Charity Long Sleeve to keep you warm. They truly commit to keeping their customers comfortable through any occasion.
If you think that’s generous, one look at their sale section will keep you a committed Alo fan for life. There’s an endless sea of options waiting to be doted on, and they do not disappoint. We here at Amodrn scoured Alo Yoga’s sale section and found some steals that we think our readers should know about. Keep reading below for our picks!

1) Alo Yoga Wanderer Long Sleeve ($42)

long sleeve tee
Honestly, being fashionable while working out never looked so good. Technical seamless construction, a breathable engineered cut-out detail, and a 4-way-stretch fabric for easy moving. We’re only a tad bit obsessed. Shop here.

2) Alo Yoga High-Waist Seamless Lift Legging ($88)

alo yoga leggings
These are the cutest leggings we’ve ever seen. The High-Waist Seamless Lift Legging is the perfect look for on-the-go or extreme movement. The two-toned, super lightweight fabric was wear-tested over 1,000 times and won’t overheat you in hot yoga. Shop here.

3) Alo Yoga Splice Jacket ($126)

alo yoga splice jacket
This jacket is perfect for a post workout cool down. When we’re adjusting to a relaxed environment, we grab onto the Splice Jacket to keep us safe and warm. The cozy tri-blend fleece is inviting, and wear-tested by Alo’s in-house team. They’ve okayed it for perfect fit.  Shop here.

4) Alo Yoga Jersey Tank ($47)

alo yoga jersey
We’re Alo Yoga’s number one fans, so putting this on our wish list was definitely inevitable. Stan Alo every where you go, and look like a star doing it. Shop here.

5) Alo Yoga Airbrush Short ($45)

alo yoga shorts
The sister of the Airbrush Legging, the Airbrush Short is perfect for a hot day where you need to be able to move quickly. The best part about these? They’re designed to lift, sculpt, and contour your booty. Bonus: here’s a hidden key pocket for your flexibility. Shop here.
While you’re here, check out Alo Yoga’s 6 simple ways you can practice mindfulness and gratitude in your everyday life.

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