february horoscope
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Your Zodiac Sign’s Horoscope for the Month of February

Technology, empathy, and community are all set to change this month

february horoscope
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Your Zodiac Sign’s February Horoscope


Have you been feeling lazy, Aries? Like you can’t get anything done or started for that matter? We’re here to tell you that the emergence of Spring will bring renewed interest in fitness, meditation, work, and more. And if you’re hunkering for some romance, hold on. This month is all about the relationships you have with your friends and renewing those even though you’re in hibernation mode. We tend to keep to ourselves around the holidays and after, but you’ll want to keep your spirits up by connecting with them.


Taurus, you’re going to be a little more social than you usually are this month! With Venus rolling through your eleventh house of networking, you’re keener to connecting with others than usual. If you’re waiting for some news from work, you won’t have to hold on for much longer. You will have some sort of extra responsibility placed on you during this month, which will lead to some *good* news in the future.


Gemini, if you feel like you haven’t been getting recognition at work, this month, you’ll finally start to feel seen. We know you haven’t been at peace, or feel centered, so for you, your goal this month is to find that space again and grow whole in it. We know you got this. Take all the time you need. Your February horoscope is looking good! 


Do you feel like you have a mounting amount of stuff to do, Cancer? Things are piling up and it seems like you don’t have time to accomplish anything. We recommend that you take a beat and start to tackle that list near the end of the month. The stars will be aligned for you to do this. In terms of intimacy, you might feel like you’re craving that close emotional connection with someone. You are the type to want to be there for a partner or lover, in any circumstance. Don’t worry, you’ll be of support soon. 


Feeling like you’re in love, Leo? Your dating life may feel like that person you’re close to is going to take it all the way, baby. The connection is ready for you, the universe is giving it all this month. Center yourself and fall deep! In terms of getting back to your daily routine, the winter always throws us off. Who knows what is it? Cold weather, not enough time in the day, the sun setting much later. You’ll get back in the groove in no time.


This month is all about routine and connection for you, Virgo. Usually, the middle of winter is when we start to begin to feel like we can pick things back up (all of us). For you, it’s especially difficult because you’re the type to always feel like you need everything to go perfectly and smoothly. Start the prep work, you’ll be able to implement the changes soon enough.


Are you feeling flirty, Libra? This month is all about you and romance. You’re playful and sweet, a balancing act like no other. You’re such an incredible person who doesn’t get burnt out. This month, you should feel a surge of passion, both with yourself and your partners. The most interesting type of February horoscope!


Networking is in your future, Scorpio. You’ve got the confidence, passion, poise, and everything you need to truly be a master communicator. Work will take off for you this month, and there may even be an exciting opportunity for you in the future. Play your cards right and it might be the that big break that you’ve been waiting for!


Sag, have you been feeling out of it? Not really keen to a routine? You don’t feel like doing anything. Makes sense. This pandemic has had quite the toll on your sign. You’re not able to travel, do what you want, feel as though you’re living your best self. Breathe and get through this time. We know it’s difficult but you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Cappy, this month is going to be … very interesting for you. Your confidence levels are going to be through the roof. With wellness and self-care of the utmost importance for you right now, you’re going to feel as if the sun is shining down on you with all its beauty and power. You’re more than deserving of all the praise that comes your way in the month of love. 


You’re craving intellectual conversation, Aquarius. With the promise of 2021 being peaceful, beautiful, and disease-free, you’ve been eager to get things started. But now is the time to plot. Ideas, becoming tech-savvy, increasing your skills … you’ve never had this much time! Go for it, stay safe, and emerge new!


You’re looking to bond this month, Pisces. You love to feel close to others (you are the emotional type) and you crave being with people. Find a way to safely get together (digitally) with friends and feel more fulfilled. Are you on Zoom? Get an account if you haven’t and plan a fun night with friends. Catch up, have a drink, and maybe even cook together! 

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