What Tomorrow's Partial Solar Eclipse Means for Your Star Sign

Tomorrow the moon will hide part of the sun in a stunning partial solar eclipse.

solar eclipse
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Great news, horoscope junkies: Tomorrow’s partial solar eclipse means exciting things for your zodiac sign. For the uninitiated, a partial solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between Earth and the sun, briefly hiding part of the sun for us on earth.
Only lucky Southern Hemisphere sky-watchers will be able to see the beautiful partial eclipse, however, Rebecca Gordon from My Path Astrology in New York says the celestial event has astrological significance for all of us. Ahead, she breaks down exactly how the partial solar eclipse will impact each star sign. Keep scrolling!


New business collaborations and developing friendships in February will open doors for your year to come. Augusts’ eclipse opens the doors to true love. Tap into a new resource of playful creativity as life will not be as trying as those past five years!


The eclipse of Feb. 15 will invite you to take a giant leap up (not a lateral move) in your career path. It will first be essential to carve out time to imagine, hold the vision and then begin to act in alignment with it. These developments will unfold throughout the entire year so time to take a bigger risk. The second half of the year will draw more attention to the foundations of your life so that your home, real estate, and family life can catch up with all of the upwards motion of your business.


International travel opportunities, global conferences, teaching platforms. Branch out with your communications and how you share your message with the world in broadcasting, publishing, and production. February, July, and August will shine brightly on these fronts!


That funding for a big project will finally come through with the February and August eclipse cycle. The support you need is near, however, you may need to give it a nudge and explore possibilities. A new steady source of income in August seems to emerge from this, however, take your time in negotiations to create a plan you are 100 percent thrilled about.


An eclipse in February will open the doors for you to enter a divine union in partnership. This may well be with someone from another culture or country though, the differences will be helpful. This can apply to both business and love. It’s your ‘rebirth’ year with a Solar Eclipse in Leo in August so an important year to remember who you are and tap into greater freedom.


Invest energy in your team and employees this year as a new routine seems to be developing for a new you. Spiritual practices will call you and this new discipline will help to create the spaciousness you crave.


The beginning of new love or perhaps a deepening to your present love connection in February and throughout the year. This could mean the birth or a child. Also, it could be that you are at last ready to give birth to the project that has been in works for so long. Lean into your creativity this year.


New developments on the home front and this can mean working from home, buying or selling one or other ways to earn money from your abode. In August an Eclipse will highlight a stellar professional opportunity that can change your course of creation.


The focus is on your seed idea and your ability to write and bring information together in a beautiful and concise way. Trust your ability to teach and learn and bring your voice to a larger audience.


This February, a Solar Eclipse will light up your sector of income, setting up a new road for you to build upon. Focus on what gives you a sense of worth and passion. It looks like there is a great deal of community involvement in this new project.


Explore a new form of self-expression as the year kicks off with a bright Solar Eclipse in Aquarius this year. In August a Solar Eclipse in Leo will highlight an important relationship for you—this could be marriage or a lasting business agreement.


The eclipse will light up a path in spiritual development. Also maintaining a strong health routine will be the key to your success this year.

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