Fan Of Fattoush? Here's The Recipe To Your Favourite Middle-Eastern Salad

It's colourful, it's healthy and it's delicious.

fattoush salad

One of our Amodrn writers was travelling around the UAE not too long ago, and you know what she loved?
Fattoush. For breakfast.
Yep, one of the most famous middle-eastern salads is not only a staple on the mezze table, but a huge part of an everyday diet, no matter what time of the day it is. Traditionally, it’s made from mixed vegetables and toasted pita bread and above all, tastes absolutely delicious. Sure, your local restaurant may have it perfected to a tee, but how the heck can you replicate this yourself at home?
Luckily, Ghada Basma, a Lebanese native and passionate cook has put a book together of all her favourite homemade recipes which includes the easiest Fattoush you’ll ever come across. It’s called Simply Lebanese: 30 Recipes From The Heart Of Lebanon and features plenty more of your favourite dishes like hummus, baked fish with tahini and kofta with a spicy tomato sauce.
What we love most about Basma’s recipes is that they ooze an abundance of health and nutrition benefits which remain at the forefront her cooking. Not only that, she caters to meat-lovers, vegetarians and vegans, as well as offering gluten-free, heart-friendly, diabetic-friendly and low-sugar options, too.
Are you ready to wow at your next dinner party?


Prep time: 30 minutes
Serves: 4
2   cups chopped romaine lettuce
1   cup baby arugula
1   cup chopped tomatoes
1   cup chopped cucumbers
½cup sliced spring onions
½cup chopped green bell peppers
¼cup chopped mint leaves
¼cup chopped parsley
1   cup toasted pita bread squares
For the dressing:
1   teaspoon sumac
1   teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon minced garlic
1   teaspoon lemon juice
2   tablespoons pomegranate molasses
1   tablespoon apple cider vinegar
½cup olive oil
In a medium bowl, soak the pita squares in half the olive oil. In a separate large bowl, combine all vegetables. Whisk the dressing ingredients and the remaining olive oil in another separate bowl. Pour the dressing over the salad mix and toss. Garnish with toasted pita bread before serving.

A recipe extract from Simply Lebanese: 30 Recipes From The Heart Of Lebanon by Ghada Basma.

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